PlayStation 5: Five Things We Know About The Sony Console

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As usual, Sony is being secretive about the PlayStation 5. The next entry in the Japanese company’s console line is eagerly awaited especially as competition with Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo Switch tightens.

Everything We Know About the PlayStation 5

Sony is tight-lipped about the next PlayStation. All we know right now are based on reports that have some considerable degree of credibility. Here are some of the things that have been reported about the PS5:

More efficient storage handling

The new PlayStation has to prioritize the improvement of its storage handling. Games are becoming more complicated through the years, which mean larger files. If the actual storage is not increased, efficiency may be the right way to go.

Potential backwards compatibility

Sony offered a bit of backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4 when it made a few older games available. There is, however, a chance that the next generation will have full backwards compatibility. This will give us access to a rich catalog of games that made PlayStation such a must-have during the 1990s and the 2000s.

Desktop-level performance

If there is one thing that Sony should work on, it is improving the performance of the PS5. While PlayStation 4 already has topnotch performance, gamers will expect a lot of strong enhancements. There is a possibility that AMD will be supplying the processor for both the CPU and GPU, according to EGM Now. This could result in smaller console devices.

No more discs?

As cloud-based gaming is becoming more relevant, a lot of gamers are asking whether it could mean the end of physical discs. Several experts and even former Sony Interactive Entertainment chief Andrew House said that discs may stick around for a while longer.

Strong candidates for launch titles

Sony will work hard to earn some major titles for its next-generation console. Games like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Death Stranding come to mind. Additionally, The Last of Us 2 and Uncharted 5 may also be in the mix.

Streaming for the next consoles?

One question that is awaiting answers is how much streaming will be incorporated into the PlayStation 5. As already previously reported, the video game industry is gearing to move towards streaming. With the PS5 slated to arrive within the next three years, Sony will have enough time to prioritize the integration of streaming into the console.

Sony itself already has PlayStation Now, which can be used for PCs and several Sony devices. Its main game streaming service rival as of the moment is the GeForce Now of NVIDIA, according to Tech Radar.

Sony is not the only console maker that is considering a strong push for streaming. During the E3 in June, Microsoft hinted that streaming will be a potential feature in the upcoming console generation, according to Mashable. The Redmond, Washington-based corporation also confirmed that a game streaming service for multiple devices is in the works.

Which of these rumors and reports are you most looking forward to? Will you be buying the PlayStation 5 right away when it reaches the stores? Let us know below by posting a comment.

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