Pixel 3 Lite Or Pixel 4 Already Ready? Google Exec Talks About An Unreleased Phone

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This year, Google, one of the largest tech company in the world, is expected to release new Pixel phones. This time around, Google Senior Vice President for Android Hiroshi Lockheimer said on Twitter about taking pictures with an unreleased phone.

The Tweet

Earlier this week, Lockheimer tweeted about taking pictures with an unreleased phone. He then said that he shouldn’t share them.

With the tweet, Twitter users encouraged Lockheimer to share the pictures.

One one of them was YouTuber Austin Evans (@austinnotduncan) who reviews tech gadgets and has more than 3.5 million subscribers:

It’s ok we’re all friends here

Another one was The Verge’s Executive Editor Dieter Bohn (@backlon) who said:

Aw come on share just one photo! Maybe photo number three. No wait, the alternate version of photo three. Call it,” and added, “3a“.

The “3a” that Bohn mentioned is presumably the Google Pixel 3a aka Pixel 3 Lite. This is reportedly a mid-range Pixel phone that was expected to launch sometime in spring 2019 and will cost between $400 to $500.

So What Is This Unreleased Phone?

Unfortunately, Lockheimer didn’t share any of the photos. His latest tweet at the moment was this:

Despite that, there are some speculations on what this unreleased phone could be. Aside from the Google Pixel 3a, a report said that it could also be an early Google Pixel 4 prototype.

Pixel 4 Release Date

Speaking of Pixel 4, this said device is expected to arrive in the second half of 2019. This is based on the release dates of the previous models. However, there is the question: What month?

The thing is, the first and second generation models were announced and released in October. But for the third generation, it was announced in October and then released in November.

What do you think is the unreleased phone that Lockheimer is talking about? Tell us in the comment section below.

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