Latest Rumors and Updates on Google Pixel 3, iPhone X Plus and Galaxy Note 9

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The calendar is marked for new launches. Smartphone releases are lined up for this year. Mobile manufacturing giants – Apple, Google, Samsung are diligently working on cutting-edge models to capture user attention and dominate in the smartphone battleground. Post the completion of MWC (Mobile World Congress), user expectations are running high from these mobile conglomerates. Today, we are going to tell you how & why iPhone X Plus, Google Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9 are fighting it out to become the most desired smartphone for users across the world.

Apple iPhone X Plus:

About Apple iPhone X Plus, the hype is already high. Users are expecting more than a just incremental upgrade. The much talked about the model is expected to sport revolutionary features based on either augmented or virtual reality. Apple reportedly is all set to embrace these innovations and lead the way. You can also experience a faster Face ID feature from that in the other peer versions. In terms of screen resolution and dynamics, iPhone X plus may adopt a 4K resolution for a 6.5-inch ratio. Other exclusive features include USB-C and an integrated Touch ID system.

Google Pixel 3:

With Google Pixel 3, die-hard smartphone enthusiasts are looking for dual camera integration, this time. Headphone jack again seems unlikely but the mobile giant may be allowing users to experience an enhanced bezel-less display. Plus, customization of Google Pixel’s Active Edge technology is very much possible and we know this will prove as a distinctive feature. Unlike, iPhone, Google’s Pixel is not yet, embracing the wireless phone charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the big daddy of the smartphone landscape, is clearly the most coveted release for the users, globally. A mega powerful battery and relocation of the fingerprint reader is something to watch out for Galaxy Note 9. This time, Samsung is focusing on carving out the compact body of the phone. Convenience to carry the phone will be a priority with special attention to ensuring a display of around 4K. An improvement in sound and enhanced speaker quality in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, could be next to its fans. In addition to this, increased photographic experience and the S Pen stylus could see an inclusion in 2018 release.

What are your expectations in relation to these world’s most celebrated smartphones? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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