Google Pixel 3: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Next Smartphone

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As we all know now, Google’s successor to its original Pixel series, the Google Pixel 2,  isn’t living up to what it claims it’s supposed to be. Issues in the aspect of hardware and software were all the rave during its debut, overshadowing other features that, which in contrast, are superbly integrated.  But despite these flaws, many still believe that Google can push itself back up from the slumps it’s currently in, and that might be plausible through its next installment the Pixel 3.

Although confirmations have not been made yet regarding the new Pixel edition’s release or development, people can’t help but wonder what shape the new device will take on or if it’s going to be a phone that will, hopefully, restore the public’s faith in Google’s skill in device-making. Regardless of whether the Goole Pixel 3 is going to be a hit or miss, we’ve rounded up all the juicy details there is about the next Google device so, get ready and read to your heart’s content.

Goole Pixel 3 Release Date

Judging by when the Google Pixel 2 was released, which was back in October of last year ahead of the iPhone 8, we can conclude that Google might be setting up the Pixel 3 for a similar release since Apple isn’t gearing up for a release anytime soon in that regard. A report previously made by Valuewalk seem to corroborate this claim, wherein they indicate that Google is sticking to their original timeline of an October release. In terms of a specific outing date, they add that Google will probably drop the Pixel 3 sometime mid-October.

A trio of Pixel 3s

As far as rumors go, news about the Pixel 3 having three variants will probably be the biggest. This speculation was first outed late last year in Droid Life during a source-code leak.  In this particular report, an industry insider claims that a trio of phones is currently being developed inside Google’s headquarters, which are code-named ‘crosshatch,’ ‘albacore,’ and ‘blueline.’ The source also adds that two of these devices will be on the premium side while the last one will be on the high-end spectrum. However, it’s still up for debate what exact differences these ‘premium’ and ‘high-end’ tags will entail in terms of features.

Android P

Operating system-wise, the Pixel 3 will likely drop integrated with the Google’s newest Android version, the Android P. According to an insider tip reported by Bloomberg, Google is currently working on optimizing its current operating system to suit its upcoming device the Pixel 3. More into details, this version of Android P’s operating system will be coming with a new feature that will optimize battery life for the upcoming Pixel 3.

Design and Features

Talking about design, rumors say that the Google Pixel 3 will be employing a new design aesthetic in terms of screen display — a true edge-to-edge experience. According to Trustedreviews, unlike last year’s Pixel 2, the Pixel 3 will offer a true bezel-less experience, offering a new and more immersive way for users to interact with the device.

Although there have not been any concrete leads detailing the size of the screen, Tom’s Guide says that the new Pixel phone will probably forego the home button screen in-front and employ a pure, screen-based aesthetic.

Aside from this, the new Pixel phone is also set to come out sporting a notch in the front –a design aesthetic first introduced by Andy Rubin’s Essential phone. BGR says that this particular claim is corroborated by Google’s previous announcement, which saw the tech innovator confirm that they will be supporting the feature in their new operating system the Android P.

Speculations also insist that the new Pixel 3 will be adopting a new security feature in the form of an iris scanner. According to Android Police, this new iris scanner will be more than just a security measure, it will also function as a verification mode for payment made via Google Pay.

Camera Improvements

Seeing as Google always comes out on top in terms of camera quality, it will not be a surprise if we see the tech giant improve on its already remarkable set of shooters. With Apple and Samsung trying to steal the crown from Google, it’s safe to say that the Pixel 3 will come out with something much more impressive than the Pixel 2.


The only sure thing that we’ll probably see integrated within the Google Pixel 3 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is set to appear in other high-tiered phones later this year. However, what remains to be seen is whether Google will give consumers a choice in terms of storage similar to what it did to the Pixel 2, which saw a 64GB and 128GB version. It’s also still unknown whether Google will implement a much higher RAM output for the Pixel 3 or retain the Pixel 2’s 4GB RAM.

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