Pioneer Unveils SPH-C19BT Making Driving Safer And Distraction-Free; Features, Specs Detailed

Maricris Jose
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Pioneer India has released its Smart Sync App and SPH-C19BT head unit on Wednesday, September 5. This device is intended to make driving safer and distraction-free since numerous accidents on the road happen each day.

Pioneer SPH-C19BT Launch Details

Pioneer India’s Managing Director Toshiyuki Yoshikawa was the chief guest during the event. He was given a warm welcome by numerous well-known personalities and industry experts during the Pioneer SPH-C19BT launch event.

It is worth noting that during the Pioneer SPH-C19BT release event, everybody was mesmerized with its astonishing design and power-packed entertainment features. As a matter of fact, this device can even be called a “Mobile Amplification Device” in lay man’s term.

Pioneer SPH-C19BT Features

Due to the rise in accidents in Indi due to phone distractions, Pioneer SPH-C19BT appears to be a promising head unit because it can take all-around care to the driver’s concerns. One good feature of this device is that it can cater to both iOS and Android device users.

The Pioneer SPH-C19BT also flaunts five interactive keys that are assigned to do five most-important tasks deprived of distracting a driver. It has a Music Key that can change or stop the music, Voice Recognition Key that will be used in giving voice commands, Navigation Key that will locate the destination maps, Messages Key that will help the driver listen to the incoming messages, and the Menu Key to open the applications for setting customization.

Aside from what is mentioned above, the Pioneer SPH-C19BT also has support for intelligent voice recognition, steering wheel controls, message read-out, and hands-free calling. In addition, it is also armed with Rear Parking Sensor Input that is well-matched with the Pioneer Parking Sensor.

Pioneer SPH-C19BT’s built-in cradle firmly holds up to 87mm wide smartphone. Its time alignment, audio tuning, and other settings can be effortlessly modified through the use of Pioneer Smart Sync App, which is accessible on both the Google Play and App Store.

These are the specs and features of Pioneer SPH-C19BT; hopefully, this head unit will be able to lessen the accidents on the road and will make driving safer and distraction-free. What can you say about this device? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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