Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Two Is Already In Development; Starfield To Arrive On Xbox 2?

Maricris Jose
2:17 PM

Microsoft has shed some light with the much-rumored Xbox One successor as Xbox Chief Phil Spencer revealed that the Xbox Two is already in the development. Starfield might be one of the games suitable for Xbox One successor.

According to Pocket-lint, Spencer stated during the press conference that the ‘next Xbox’ is already in the making. It can be recalled that the Redmond-based tech giant recently launched the “world’s most powerful console” in the form of the 4K HDR-enabled Xbox One X. Nevertheless, with a lot of speculations that a PlayStation 5 will be unveiled in the next couple of years, Spencer has put emphasis on stating that the Xbox One will also be replaced in the near future.

Unluckily, Spencer did not give any hint regarding the Xbox 2 specs but he also hinted another thing during the event and that is a new cloud gaming service from Xbox. The Xbox Chief revealed that Microsoft is working on a cloud streaming tech to incorporate into the console-style games to various platforms – counting in the mobile. But then some of the tech enthusiasts aren’t convinced yet that cloud game streaming is a feasible service.

In a separate report, US Gamer stated that Bethesda has released Starfield’s trailer and the said video game might be coming to Xbox Two and its rival PlayStation 5. It is also worth noting that this video game has been long-rumored to be in progress at Bethesda Softworks. Despite that there are no details confirmed for Starfield, the fact that the gossips accurately called the IP’s title is the first step. Apart from that, finally seeing Starfield established was something that the fans have been eagerly waiting for years.

Are you one of the Microsoft fans who is waiting for the Xbox Two release? What can you say about Spencer’s announcement? Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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