New Patents for USB-C By Microsoft Will Make Slimmer 2018 Surface Devices

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Microsoft is now gearing things up for the introduction of USB Type-C in their new Surface Pro 6. With the technological advancement and the benefits of USB-C in modern electronics, it would be hard to skip it and would be a bad move for the company.

USB-C housing is the first patent filed by the company as a preparation for the improvements of their future devices. Another one would be a setup for the cabling. The intention of the patent revolves around taking advantage and modifying USB-C setup for better efficiency.

The patents were filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO last April and May 2017 respectively. The first patent revolves around the housing to be mounted directly to the chassis for better space management inside the device. The setup wouldn’t need any top or bottom plates allowing a more slender outer case.

A special adhesive compound may be used for mounting the housing to the chassis or it can be bolted into the chassis directly. As another viable alternative is engraving the housing structure to the chassis for more security and would make the overall setup stronger than the first two options.

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Microsoft believes that “Being integrally attached also ensures a firm connection between the housing and chassis for transferring torques to the chassis.” Another reason for the move would be for minimizing the expenses that the company faced during every production. Microsoft added that “It may be advantageous to integrally attach and/or form the housing with the chassis to simplify manufacturing costs.” The second patent revolves around USB-C connection assembly.

To put all the things in a wider picture, the move might correspond directly for the production of the new Surface line. The overall setup for this new line might feature a slimmer design because of the housing adjustment made under its hood and might get a new way to incorporate charging or data transfer using the new cabling assembly. The improvements would prove to be a major game changer in the recent Surface lineup.  

Back in 2017, we saw Microsoft unveil their new Surface line but there were no significant and notable features that would make the device a huge success in the market. Now, With the new attachments, the company might have an edge against their target competitor.

Andromeda, the rumored foldable device from Microsoft will be a new addition to the Surface family and could be one of the beneficiaries of the designs. Due to the structure and the design of the folding assembly, Microsoft needs to consider the thickness of the device and keeping it as thin as possible would be the first design consideration. The folding Surface device or Andromeda could come later this year and said to be suited for more personal use — meaning more compact and lightweight because of the new internals. 

Windows 10 could also be present to the Andromeda device and could become available within the second half of this year while the other Surface line would become available in 2019. The device might also surprise us as some documents show that this will be a new addition to the Surface family as a Surface Phone.

This could also be the case for the new Surface Pro 6 that is scheduled for release in mid-2019. Known as codename Carmel, this will be the new installment and the successor of the Surface Pro 5. Design-wise, we haven’t seen a lot of improvements in the Surface Pro line in the recent years but this may change when Microsoft releases the new model.

With a two year period from the last model’s release, we might see smaller bezels and might pack new internals under the hood. Along with the new setup and design made possible by the USB-C compartment changes, Surface Pro 6 will be a device that features a sleek, slim and rounded corner with a 10-inch display that would go head-to-head with the iPad and will have a price tag that is around $400.

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