Pangu Team Seems To Be Back Announcing ‘Janus’ Mobile Threat Intelligence Platform

Maricris Jose
5:18 PM

Pangu Team is a prominent group of the hacker in the jailbreak community which has been silent in the past. Recently, the group has broken its silence as it announced ‘Janus’ which is a mobile threat intelligence platform.

According to Redmond Pie, the official Pangu Team Twitter account hasn’t been packed with activities in recent weeks, months, and even years. The said account has garnered numerous followers according to the work carried out in the jailbreak community. But despite that, the team hasn’t really had much activity apart from promoting talks at conferences referring to Pangu9 way back in Q3/Q4 of 2016.

At this time, it appears that Pangu team is back with an improved focus, with the announcement of Janus. This is a platform which will let threats to be identified directly within the codebase of native mobile applications. Here’s what Pangu Team’s post stated:

“We are releasing Janus, a mobile threat intelligence platform Find intro doc at Our team is now conducting security research on mobile apps. If you need security auditing for your apps, please contact us.”

For some reference, Janus is beings described as a “mobile threat intelligence platform.” It monitors the distribution channels in long-term, covering dozens of major application stores, gathered to tens of millions of apps and over 300 billion broad-spectrum features.

Utilizing this platform, Pangu Team also revealed that it has “confirmed several iOS applications with more than 100 million users” which are susceptible to what it’s calling “Zipper Down”. This is the forename of the team that has given to what it’s calling a “programming error” existing in numerous popular applications that introduces possible “severe consequences” like the capability of overwriting data and the possible arbitrary code implementation from malicious persons.

If you wanted more information about Janus, you can head to, with documentation present on a more technical and detailed level at the document entryway for the platform.

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