Everything We Can Expect From The Upcoming OnePlus TV

Ronald Balondo
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OnePlus is currently dubbed as one of the center stone of a great and decently priced smartphones. Now, the company is looking to expand its network by venturing into the smart TV market. Let’s take a look at what OnePlus TV has to offer.

Originated from China, OnePlus is expanding the company’s horizon by joining the smart TV race. Since the company took the world by storm by offering really nice quality smartphones for the cheap rates, would the company use the same approach?

There weren’t any clear details so far about the news aside from the announcement made by the company. However, this didn’t stop us to dig dipper and find any information that can shed some light on OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV News

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau is very vocal when it comes to the project. He even asked many consumers in the Twitter world about some ideas about the OnePlus TV.

This is far less extravagant compared to other big players like Apple, where they usually held a specific event to introduce a certain product. Probably this is the company’s way of saying that OnePlus is for everyone, not only for those who can afford.

A few days later, the big boss invited members to a forum to help them create potential branding for the OnePlus TV. For those who are interested to join and contribute to OnePlus’ newest project, feel free to visit their forums.

Since the project is still at early stage, OnePlus TV is less likely to become available anytime soon. An optimistic timetable for this is between mid to later part of next year.

The pricing information about this is also very limited. However, based on what OnePlus did with their smartphones, we can confidently say that it will be a lot cheaper than any of the current smart TV out there in the market that features the same quality.

OnePlus TV Features

Television sizes nowadays seem to get bigger and bigger. A few years ago, 32-inch TV set can be considered as a luxury to some. Now, bigger and sharper televisions are becoming the norm for almost all household.

If that’s the case, OnePlus is likely to create a smart TV which is at least 40-inch. If the company manages to do well in this category without, they are in good hands.

Another feature that we love to see is a 4K display. The current state of smart TVs in the market revolves around resolutions and getting a 4K display in a budget smart TV is a huge plus.

Aesthetic wise, OnePlus will surely apply the sleek designs seen in their smartphones to their new smart TV project. As a starter, the company will put their level best to get the best results for their upcoming television venture.

How about the OnePlus TV OS? Most likely, they will use Android-based OS which is more economical than creating a new software from the ground up. This can also provide them with an option to use their smart TV with Chromecast that offers a lot of streaming services.

Probably one of the most exciting features that OnePlus can offer is the app that for the smart TV on OnePlus phones. With the current development in the smart home section, it is not surprising to see that and what I would like to see is how OnePlus manages the consumer’s expectations for the OnePlus TV.

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