OnePlus 7 Might Become Availble By January: News, Rumors, and Everything We Know!

Ronald Balondo
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The rise of OnePlus in the smartphone race is showing positive signs and many are excited about their next launch of OnePlus 7. Let’s take a look at all the news and rumors about the handset.

We compiled all the leaks, possible hints and known rumors that we found around the community about the upcoming phone from OnePlus. Some people will say it is too soon but we are eager to provide all the possible leads and all the things consumers wanted to have in the new OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 Release Date

OnePlus 6 was released last May and comparing the trends from the company’s release of smartphones, many fans speculated that the next generation of the numbered phone from the company will be released by May of next year. Another possibility good release date would be June, like what we got from the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5.


The price of the new OnePlus 7 is still not yet determined and there are so little clues on how much the new devices costs. Based on the recent numbered phone from the company, it started at $529. For now, we can speculate that the new handsets from the company will go within that price range. It is also recommended to save extra bucks in case the OnePlus 7 will go beyond the $529 price tag which is more likely to happen.

5G Capable OnePlus

One big rumor that surfaced around the community was the claim of the company that OnePlus will launch the first batch of 5G handsets next year. Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus expressed their aim for delivering a 5G phone by 2019 in a discussion at PCMag.

The 5G technology in mobile devices is not actually rare, as Huawei also aims to deliver a 5G capable handset. So the two companies are looking for the next steps already into the future of cellular signal.


Like the previous variants of the numbered OnePlus phones that run with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, the OnePlus 7 could run one of the latest configurations of its CPU. The best candidate for this would be the Snapdragon 855 paired with a huge RAM.

It would also mark as a huge improvement if OnePlus 7 could shy away from the Full HD screen. By switching to a QHD display, the gap between the high-end phones will be closed significantly.

Another notable improvement would be the wireless charging capability of the OnePlus 7. Like many other flagships, a trend for wireless charging is becoming a norm and it would a great feature if the company can add that which is clearly missing in the current OnePlus 6 phones.

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