OnePlus 6T Will Ditch The Headphone Jack, Type-C Bullets Earphones Announced

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One of the highly anticipated smartphones to come this year is the OnePlus 6T because of its amazing specs and features yet affordable price tag. This time around, we’ve learned that the said device is not going to sport a headphone jack. Furthermore, the company has announced the OnePlus Type-C Bullets (USB-C earphones).

Here’s Why It’s Ditching The Headphone Jack

According to a report, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei spoke with Tech Radar on why the OnePlus 6T will be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. The reason was to have more space which will allow them to put more new technology or improvements into the product.

One of the improvements is more battery life. By the ditching the headphone jack, the company could arm the device with a larger battery.

The Type-C Bullets

OnePlus just announced its Type-C Bullets earphones. The company has promised that it will carry the same price tag of the Bullets V2 which sits at $19.99 while adding a few designs and feature updates. The gadget itself comes in with a built-in Cirrus Logic DAC, making it compatible with most USB-C devices, and a built-in microphone and remote control.

Other Recent News

Just recently, reports about the OnePlus 6T’s “supposed” release date started spreading. News publishing site spotted the said device at this e-commerce site called GizTop sporting a price tag of $569 for its 6GB/6GB variant which won’t be available until October 16, 2018.

This is quite interesting because although we’re expecting the much-awaited smartphone to come in the second of the year, it was presumably expected to come on mid-November. But hey, given that the company hasn’t released any official announcements yet regarding its release date, it’s better to take it with a pinch of salt.

Another recent announcement made by the company is the #Crackables contest which will begin on September 18, 2018. We don’t know many details about the contest, but we do know that it will require the participants to crack a code or something because one of its Twitter posts says, “Think you have what it takes to crack the code?”

As for the prizes, it’s still being kept under wraps. But we’re pretty sure that it’s going to be quite tempting.

What can you say about the OnePlus 6T ditching the headphone jack? Also, what are your thoughts about the Type-C Bullets earphones? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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