Should You Ditch Your Old iPhone For The OnePlus 6T?

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It’s no secret that OnePlus devices are quite popular. The reason behind this is because they come with top of line specs and features but offered at a budget-friendly price tag. But for this article, we’ll be talking about whether one should dump their old iPhone and switch to the upcoming OnePlus 6T instead.

The Problem With Apple

Apple has one of the most loyal fan bases. Every year, tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the upcoming Apple devices. One of the company’s most popular product line that fans always looking forward to is the iPhone.

Talking about the iPhone, it’s no doubt an amazing device. However, as years go by, its price tags have become quite inaccessible that even current iPhone owners will wince due to its price.

Let’s face it, Apple isn’t the only one offering amazing smartphones annually. There are other companies releasing new smartphones each year – some on a much cheaper price. With Apple devices, you’re basically buying the “brand”. And with so many other smartphones available, why choose the expensive iPhone?

Take the iPhone XR for example which costs $749 and is Apple’s “budget” model. Although it does carry some amazing specs and features, it is still expensive. There are smartphones out there that come with a similar price tag or even lower, but nevertheless offers an amazing experience.

Should You Buy The OnePlus 6T?

Its predecessor – OnePlus 6 – cost $529 (£469) for its 6GB/64GB variant and $579 (£519) for its 8GB/128GB. As for the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that it will be more expensive. Although he didn’t reveal the exact price, rumors suggest that it will cost £20.

It will be launched this month and is said to feature a fingerprint reader under its display that will deliver a futuristic new method of unlocking. It will also feature a 6.4-inch display with full HD+ resolution, a waterdrop notch design, SD 845 chip, 6/8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of memory storage.

For its camera, initial reports claimed OnePlus 6T will feature a triple rear camera setup, similar to the Oppo R17 Pro. However, recent reports suggest it will sport a dual vertical rear camera setup with a LED flash below it.

There are also accessories:

  1. OnePlus Nylon Bumper Case Black – €26.95 ($31)
  2. OnePlus Bumper Case Ebony Wood – €31.95 ($37)
  3. OnePlus Bumper Karbon – €31.95 ($37)
  4. OnePlus Protective Case Sandstone – €21.95 ($25)
  5. OnePlus Protective Case Karbon – €26.95 ($31)
  6. OnePlus USB-C Bullets Earphone Black – €19.95 ($23)
  7. OnePlus USB-C to 3.5mm Jack Adapter Cable – €8.95 ($10)

Assuming that the rumored price tag is correct, then considering that this is a flagship device, then this seems more desirable compared to the other top of the line expensive smartphones. But of course, everyone has their own tastes. Whether you choose to buy expensive devices like iPhones or not, that’s on you.

So, are you going to ditch your old iPhone and switch to the OnePlus 6T? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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