OnePlus 6T Flaunts "Night Mode" Camera Feature; Photo Sample Revealed

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Next week is the launching event for the OnePlus 6T and tech enthusiasts are all excited about it. This time around, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau uploaded a photo sample taken with the OnePlus 6T’s rear camera, showcasing its Night Mode feature.

The Photo

The photo shared by Lau depicts a night scene in Shenzhen, China was shot with the OnePlus 6T’s rear camera and camera feature called Night Mode. According to a report, this feature was first rumored last week after an “official OnePlus representative” spoke about it to TrueTech. Unfortunately, we don’t really know much about how it works.

Credit- Pete Lau on Weibo

As you can see from the photo, the color reproduction and overall warmth are quite impressive. In addition to that, even the fine details like the clouds in the sky are clearly visible.

When Is The Launch Event?

The launching event for the OnePlus 6T was originally scheduled on 30 October 2018 but was changed to the 29th. The reason behind this is because Apple will be hosting its “There’s more in the making” event on the 30th and OnePlus didn’t want to be overshadowed which is quite understandable considering Apple’s reputation in the tech community.

Other Recent News

Yesterday, we reported about a OnePlus 6T Limited Edition model. The said device is listed at a Swedish retailer site Webhallen and is limited to 100 units only. Pre-orders will begin on October 25, while the release will be on November 5.

Regarding its price tag, specs and features, the Swedish site didn’t say much about it. However, the site did mention that it is the ultimate kit and it will be more expensive. Furthermore, the package will include “a host of secret things” that will compensate for the higher price tag.

Presumably, based on other reports, the OnePlus 6T will cost around $550. Meanwhile, e-commerce site Giztop is selling it for $569 and is already accepting pre-orders.

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