OnePlus 6T Confirmed To Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor; Flagship To Launch Along With OnePlus Bullets

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OnePlus 6T was considered to be one of the most awaited handsets to arrive this year. Recently, the OnePlus 6 successor is confirmed to flaunt in-display fingerprint sensor and will arrive along with the OnePlus Bullets.

OnePlus 6T Will Be Equipped With Fingerprint Sensor

According to CNET, OnePlus has confirmed via an email that the OnePlus 6T will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. It is also worth mentioning that the Chinese tech company wanted to have this feature as early as it released the OnePlus 5T, but unluckily, the said technology was not mature enough during that time.

Moreover, with the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor, the OnePlus 6T will be somewhat thicker (only by 0.45mm) compared to its predecessor, the OnePlus 6. Also, the design of the upcoming smartphone will reportedly have a more unibody appearance as well. Presently, the in-display fingerprint sensors are only seen on a few Vivo and Huawei handsets. The OnePlus 6T would be the first “mainstream” phone to flaunt this new technology.

When it comes to availability, it is speculated that the OnePlus 6T will be accessible on T-Mobile, which is a massive win for the company in the United States. In addition, other rumors include triple rear cameras, $550 price tag, and a January release date.

OnePlus 6T To Make First Appearance Along With OnePlus Bullets

For some reference, the Bullets Wireless headphones from OnePlus were released along with the OnePlus 6 earlier this year, and it hit the market shelves in June. This headset is the first ever wireless audio accessory from the Chinese tech company and is itself the descendant of the OnePlus Bullets wired headphones. Tagged at $55, the product has typically been out of stock, and OnePlus hasn’t quite been capable of keeping up with the demand for it.

Furthermore, BGR has learned that an FCC filing suggests that a new variety of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless might be already on its way. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen what enhancements the new headphones carry in. But then, many anticipate that it could be minor enhancements in performance, sonic signature and battery life, and design or functional improvements as well. As a whole, the changes are expected to be small; thus, the fans are advised not to expect a fundamentally different product. Instead, they should expect just some small and few fixes. As for the FCC listing, it doesn’t go into much detail, but then it does show the collar-band, specifying that OnePlus could stick with that design.

Based on the FCC listing, the model number of the upcoming headset is specified as BT32B. This device is likely to be sold at the same price if it will be launched next month. Additionally, this headset may not even be advertised as a completely new product, but rather as a small development over the old one.

These are the known information about the OnePlus 6T and the OnePlus Bullets. Both of the devices are expected to make their first appearance next month and as their alleged launch date nears, more details are expected to surface. Stay tuned, as we’ll surely keep you update about these devices from the Chinese tech company.

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