OnePlus 6T: Five Features That Will Make It Better Than Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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OnePlus 6T is arguably one of the most highly-anticipated smartphone releases of the year. Along with Apple’s iPhone X Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the OnePlus device is a release that is expected to push the boundaries of the smartphone experience.

Expected OnePlus 6T features and specs

Since only Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is already available on retail, there is still no definite consensus on whether the upcoming OnePlus is better. There are, however, rumored features that have everyone excited. Here are five reported features and specs that should make Samsung think that OnePlus is a legitimate threat to its market dominance:

Waterproof body and waterdrop notch

Not enough people know that the OnePlus 6 has waterproof properties. The company, however, did not pursue an IP certification and rating because it will only drive the prices higher.

This year, it looks like the company will be investing money into getting a rating, which will mean we could get a splash-resistant phone. This is definitely something that would give it an advantage over the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Another water-related feature may also be coming. The waterdrop notch, which is starting to catch on with other manufacturers, will make the next OnePlus be easier to hold and resilient from impact, according to My Smart Price.

Onscreen fingerprint reader

If OnePlus wants to strengthen its market position against Apple and Samsung, it should integrate an onscreen fingerprint scanner. If the company is successful, the OnePlus 6T will be the first U.S. release to have the feature, according to CNet. It will beat even the Google Pixel 3 and the iPhone X Plus.

Gradient color options

Gradient color options for smartphones are all the rage right now. OnePlus should really have pushed through with their joking tease last year to release a new phone with a pinkish-blue gradient named “unicorn.”

Return of microSD slot

After OnePlus phased out the microSD card slot on its devices after the release of OnePlus X, many were disappointed. The next device will see its return. This will make it more appealing for heavy-duty users.

HDR display support

It will be likely that the next phone will retain the 6.28-inch HDR display of the OnePlus 6. This is already good enough for viewing high-definition video clips on streaming services. This will give it a fighting chance to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the screen department.

Possible design changes from OnePlus 6

It is becoming apparent that the OnePlus 6T will finish what its predecessor started with its iPhone X Plus-inspired design. The follow-up to the OnePlus 6 will become the iPhone X Plus clone that its predecessor failed to achieve, according to BGR.

While the OnePlus 6 replicated the notch design of the latest iPhone, it still had top and bottom bezels. For the newer OnePlus model, we will be seeing a smaller notch. In fact, it may look more like the Oppo R17 Pro, a phone from a sister brand.

What are you most excited about with the OnePlus 6T? Do you think it will turn out to be better than the already-great Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Let us know about your theories and opinions in the comments section underneath this article.

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