OnePlus 6 Rumors, Release News: Flagship To Boast Rejected iPhone X Feature

Harsh Soni
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OnePlus is working hard on its next-generation flagship phone dubbed as OnePlus 6. However, the latest rumors suggest that the device will be shipped with a rejected iPhone X feature.

OnePlus 6 is going to launch in the coming months, as the CEO of the Chinese company has confirmed. Not much about the next-generation smartphone is known as of the moment, apart from the fact that it will be powered by powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

However, the latest rumors claim that the OnePlus 6 will boast a feature, which Apple has rejected for its iPhone X. As per Phandroid, the OnePlus’ upcoming flagship will feature with a fingerprint sensor embedded below the display.

Previously, Apple has a number of patents around this technology that the Cupertino based tech giant was purportedly looking to put in the iPhone X. According to Express, the incompatibility with its pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display is one of the reasons why the feature was dropped from the 10th iPhone addition.

The Chinese tech giant has moved the fingerprint scanner to the rear side of OnePlus 6 with the launch of the OnePlus 5T late last year. The biometric sensor is also said to get relocated to make room for an edge-to-edge, all-display design.

Generally, the rear-mounted fingerprint sensors are not as convenient as their front-facing counterparts. In acknowledgment of this thing, OnePlus has upgraded its OnePlus 5T with facial recognition. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors claim that Samsung is working on an in-display fingerprint scanner for its upcoming phablet.

OnePlus is going to unveil its OnePlus 6 worldwide late in Q2 2018, before June 30th, the company has confirmed in an interview. If the Chinese smartphone maker is targeting the end of that quarter then we can expect the OnePlus 6 to launch in a similar timeframe to the OnePlus 5 last year.

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