OnePlus 6 Release Date News: Budget iPhone Slayer’s Design, Price, and Specs Detailed

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Chinese phone startup is getting ready to break records with the upcoming release of its new flagship OnePlus 6. Touted as budget iPhone slayer, OnePlus 6 release is just a few months away.

OnePlus, undaunted by security-related controversies hounding it one after the other, never ceases to come up with budget phones ripping off high-end flagship phones. This shows, not only its tenacity against adversaries that the fast-growing favorite phone company has arisen to become capable in every product it launched.

OnePlus 5T, launched in November 2017, had practically offered great value-for-money with its features available only to high-priced smartphones before: muted switch, customization system, and more. It appears right now that OnePlus 5 has already a successor in waiting.

The soon-to-be-released budget flagship smartphone is surely one thing great to behold. Thanks to leaked images giving would-be owners a sneak peek of the device.

Design: Glass, No Bezel, And Notch

One thing, OnePlus 6 is reportedly has P7819 as its model number. This could mean that the device is a prototype. The leaked images had portrayed the phone’s wholesome image.

It also looks like having a glass backside, a signal that the company is now poised to abandon metal design it is known of. OnePlus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T had sported unibody aluminum design. Perhaps, the metal will be retained on all sides but its backside will have a curved glass just like what Samsung, Apple, and others did.

Rumors had it that OnePlus 6 will be in full glass. This, however, has remained unconfirmed but probably because it may want to go wireless charging. If this happens, the company is certainly going mainstream.

Based on the latest leaked image, the new handset appears to sport a bezel-less design. Its predecessor was already a blower in terms of its screen-to-body size ration. OnePlus 6 could blow them all if it is less on bezel if not finally putting on the final nail in bezel’s coffin.

The budget iPhone killer could itself don a notch in its frontside like the iPhone X. Having a notch, which appears to be the new standard for smartphones, in its design is almost necessary for a bezel-less phone. At moment, it appears that notch is here to stay. Hopefully, OnePlus could properly blend it with OLED to make it less a nuisance.

A protruding camera, albeit slightly, is one that was spotted on the leaked images. OnePlus 5 and 5T had its camera slightly jutting out, too. Underneath the camera is a fingerprint sensor, a concave locating it would a lot easier.

The signature OnePlus mute switch in all likelihood will be retained. The reason for its retention is one that is practical: OnePlus handsets happen to have no analog in the Android market.

OnePlus 6 Release Date

Pete Lau, the OnePlus CEO, had confirmed the new handset’s features in an interview with CNET. The phone, he said, would be released between April and June. It could be the same roadmap with OnePlus 5 again: unveiled on June 20, 2017, and released a week later.

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