OnePlus 6, LG G7, Galaxy Note 9, Moto G6: All Rumors About Upcoming Smartphones This Year

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LG, Galaxy, Moto, and Chinese handset maker OnePlus will all be coming up with their highly anticipated smartphones this year. Each of them will be complete with the newest technologies available in the market.

OnePlus 6, LG G7, Galaxy Note 9Moto G6 are the most awaited smartphones of the year. Listed below are the rumors, and updates regarding the features, release date and costs of these smartphones that will it the market in 2018.

OnePlus 6 – Latest Update, Specs, and Rumors

OnePlus is known for creating beautiful phones with great specifications and low costs. The company is likely to launch another premium smartphone this year which will sport an all-new design, different from its previous smartphones. Rumors suggest that OnePlus 6 will be similar to Apple’s iPhone X and will feature a notch area on the top display.

Name and Number: Chinese website IT Home had featured two leaked photos of One Plus’ 2018 flagship. However, the pictures, as per the website are of OnePlus 7. The company had surprised everyone a year ago when it launched OnePlus 5 soon after OnePlus 3 T. It was then said that the firm chose to skip one number since the number 4 is considered unlucky in China. However, as of now, there is no evidence to suggest that OnePlus will skip the number 6 as well.

Further, the OEM, in a recent tweet hinted that their upcoming smartphone will be called the OnePlus 6. The caption said: “6et ready!.” Considering the trends of previous OnePlus phones, the model number of the upcoming handset will be A6000.

Features and Specs: The leaked images reveal that its notch includes a phone call speaker and a single-lens front camera. The photos suggest that OnePlus 6 will have an all-glass back, probably to enable wireless charging. The design too is extremely different as compared to previous OnePlus handsets.

The rear photos indicate that the OnePlus 6 will include a dual-lens camera setup and also a fingerprint sensor. The camera sensor has moved from the upper corner to the center, a little above the biometric scanner.

OnePlus 6 Release Date: Most of the OnePlus models are released in June. The release date for the product was earlier rumored to be some time in April. Leaks now suggest that the handset will be available in the market in June this year.

OnePlus 6 Price: The cost of OnePlus will be in the range of $520 and $749.

LG G7 – Rumors and Updates

LG made a leap with its G6 model, which was a huge upgrade from its predecessors. Unlike its previous flagships, the G6 sported a beautiful glass and metal body with thin bezels.

There are plenty of rumors on LG’s G7, starting with its name and release date.

Name: According to a report from Digital Daily (via The Investor), LG will label its upcoming smartphone as “ThinQ”. The company is reportedly thinking of a “two-digit number” for its new product as it wants consumers to think that the specs of their new smartphone are similar or better than Galaxy S9 and iPhone X.

VentureBeat writer Evan Blass is of the opinion that the next flagship of LG will be named “LG G7 ThinQ.”

Pricing: The LG G7 would be costlier than G6 (probably $94 more than G6), with a price tag of $700 or $800. The phone could probably be bought for $600 from other retailers and B&H during the pre-order period.
Design, Features, and Specs: As per Blass, G7 will sport a 6-inch 18:9 Full Vision display, thereby making it even larger than the display of LG G6, which was 5.7-inch. The LG might opt for an LCD panel instead of an OLED one as LCD displays are cheaper to produce.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

After Galaxy S9, it is time to think of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There are lots of speculations doing the rounds on the next big thing to come out from Samsung.

No Fingerprint Sensor: It was earlier being said that Galaxy Note 9 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor. However, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, this might not happen.

Galaxy Note 9 Design: Galaxy Note has so far followed the same design of the Galaxy S phones. The only difference being that it is a bit bigger. The design of Galaxy S9 was similar to that of S8, and so Note 9 is likely to have the same look with an aluminum-and-glass enclosure and skinny bezels.

Galaxy Note 9 – Cost and Release Date: The Galaxy Note 9 is likely to launch in late summer and will cost around $1,000. Galaxy Note 8 came out last year in September and was priced at $950.

Moto G6 – Ready For the Launch

Moto G6 is all set to hit the market and will replace Moto G5S and Moto G5. This smartphone will usher in the next generation of Motorola’s most successful phone series.

Features, Design, and Display: All the upcoming three Moto G6 smartphones will have 18.9 display. Leaks on the product say that the entry-level Moto G6 Play will showcase a 5.7-inch 720p screen, and also a 4,000mAh battery. According to Android Headlines, the G6 Play will display an 18:9 aspect ratio. Moreover, both handsets will not be waterproof. The Moto G6 Plus might have a 5.93-inch FHD+ screen.

Release Date: Moto G6 and Moto G6 Play will launch on April 19.

Moto G6 Pricing: G6 will have a price tag of $240 (around £170, Rs 15,500). Moto G6 Plus will be priced at $330 (around £230, Rs 21,000).

Mobile lovers have many handsets to choose from this year. Whether you choose OnePlus 6, LG G7, Galaxy Note 9, and Moto G6, it is for sure that you would be choosing a smartphone for the next generation.

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