OnePlus 6/ OnePlus 7 Latest Leak Reveals Design And Camera Changes

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OnePlus has pulled a surprise despite its absence from the World Mobile Congress after it surfaced its new flagship Android phone online. The Chinese website ITHome called the upcoming OnePlus 6 as OnePlus 7 but it is not final yet for a company that is fond of surprises.

It is more likely that the new flagship OnePlus phone could be named OnePlus 6. This is plausible since the latest OnePlus release named OnePlus 5T following the footsteps of OnePlus 5. This early, it is said that the launching price of the new flagship phone will be $500. A close scrutiny of the phone’s features would be in order.

The latest leaked images of OnePlus 6 reveals that the notches are the new standard after Apple pioneered it with iPhone X. OnePlus 6 can be seen clearly boasting the notch below its front screen where it should have been free of the bezel. The jutting notch, however, is smaller than that of iPhone X.

It is not yet certain if the rear side of the OnePlus 6 is made of glass or metal. Previous OnePlus phones have a unibody aluminum, which might be sustained in this new model. Otherwise, a backside made of glass could mean that the Chinese smartphone maker is gearing towards wireless charging.

The dual camera can be seen placed above its fingerprint reader, which is obviously redesigned. Again, this is a slight variation from its previous models where the camera is at the upper corner. Notably, there won’t be facial recognition feature in the upcoming OnePlus 6. It shouldn’t have a one selfie camera if indeed it has a camera system, say TrueDepth of iPhone X.

However, the front side of OnePlus 6 suggests of new exciting features, depending upon where one is looking at. The new version is likely to sport the Android version 8.1.0. Storage could also be bigger and its RAM a bit higher.

The new OnePlus 6 is expected to be rolled out in two months time from now. This release timeframe is the basically based on previous OnePlus flagship phone releases.

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