October Apple Event: Mac Mini 2, iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Air 2018 Rumored For Next Month

Ronald Balondo
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It is almost a week now since Apple introduces three new iPhones to the public along with a redesigned Apple Watch Series 4. The introduction of the new generation iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and their so-called budget iPhone XR brought new devices to the table. How about their Mac devices and their iPads? Could there be a separate event for these Mac devices? Let’s take a quick look.

The newly introduced iPhones and Apple Watched comes with a big upgrade to its processors and its overall performance. The Apple Watch Series 4 also features what could possibly be said as the first personal and portable ECG in an everyday gadget.

An A12 Bionic chip that is a 7nm-based processor is now inside of the new generation iPhones. The phone also supports dual-sim which is expected by lots of fans. However, what some fans were waiting for didn’t come, the new Mac computers and iPads.

An October event for Macs and iPads?

Probably the most anticipated Mac computer this year is the MacBook Air or its substitute, the 13-inch MacBook. Currently, this line is still running with a fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors which is way behind compared right next to its competitors. With this specs, Apple really needs some updates to this line to catch up.

For those who are hoping that they could get a sneak peek of the cheap MacBook last week, they all went home empty-handed. This is also the same for those people who were waiting for the new iPad Pro 3 and the much-awaited Mac Mini 2.

Many analysts are pointing to the possibility of another event where Apple introduces other lines that were left behind during the September iPhone event. This other event where the big stars will be named after MacBooks, Mac Mini, iPad Pros and iMacs.

To support this, there are talks that point to a number of reasons why Apple didn’t use their September event to unveil their new Macs or iPads. One of them is the thought that iPads and other Apple devices might overshadow the new iPhones which are not healthy for the company.

It actually makes sense since many consumers may lose some interest if they see a bunch of new products from Apple at the same event. After all, when people look at a long list of products, there are chances that they might end up not buying anything from that long lists. Since Apple is a multi-product company that comprises of smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices, it might be a good move for them to release a couple of devices one at a time.

October Event and Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple hosts a number of October events since 2011, but it is not a yearly event. As we all recall, there was no October event last year and the same can be said in 2015. At the same time, known analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a couple of months ago that the company is looking to launch some of their devices this fall. Some were already revealed and the rest will have to wait for a bit. Let’s do a quick roundup of some of Kuo’s prediction for Apple this fall.

  • He mentioned that there would be three new iPhones, two with OLED displays and one with an LCD screen
  • An updated iPad Pro without the home button
  • An updated chip for MacBook, MacBook Pro and an upgraded display for the iMac
  • Apple Watches that features a larger screen with an enhanced heart rate detection

Citing Kuo’s claim about the long-awaited update for Mac devices, we could say that It could happen. The only thing left is to wait for Apple to host another event and hopefully it will be happening this October.

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