The Obamas Acquire Michael Lewis’ ‘The Fifth Risk’ As Part Of Their Netflix Production Deal

Mohnish Singh
3:50 PM

Former American President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have acquired author Michael Lewis’ latest book The Fifth Risk under their Netflix production deal for a digital series. The series, if ever made, will aim at helping people understand the internal workings of the government in a far better manner.

Though nothing is official about the possible series as yet, the Obamas are busy exploring various projects for the same. From what we hear Lewis is set to reveal the news about the Obamas optioning his book The Fifth Risk on Katie Couric’s Thursday Stitcher podcast.

Released on October 2nd, The Fifth Risk sheds light on the disorder, chaos and mismanagement that ensued in the departments of Energy, Agriculture and Commerce after the exchange of power and presidency between President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump. The book appreciates underappreciated people who help the government run. “We don’t really celebrate the accomplishments of government employees,” the author writes. “They exist in our society to take the blame.”

Before sitting down to write the book, Lewis, reportedly, spoke with legions of federal workers from the Obama administration, who worked in the Departments of Energy, Agriculture and Commerce and hence, his book praises the indefatigable dedication, intellectual curiosity, and prudence, foresight, and sense of mission he finds among federal workers of the United States of America.

As we all know that Obama has been one of the most popular presidents ever in the history of America. People are always curious to know more about him and how he ran one of the most powerful governments in the world and that too for two consecutive terms. We are sure if Netflix decides to produce a series based on Michael Lewis’ book, nothing can stop it from becoming a raging hit. We hope the project is announced soon.

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