Nvidia's GTX 1180 Coming This July? Here's What To Expect

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It’s almost two years now and Nvidia has yet to release a new generation of graphics card, and you may have heard the name GTX 1180 which is said to be the successor of the GTX 1080. Well, good news because rumors have been flying around, indicating that the said graphics card will be launched this July of 2018. With that being said, what can we expect?

Coming This July?

According to a published article at Tom’s Hardware, Igor Wallossek, its correspondent in Germany, spoke with “anonymous” industry sources claiming that Nvidia will be delivering the GPU and memory over to partners around June 15th, and then have the Geforce GTX 1180 launched in July for the Founder’s Edition Cards.  Aside from that, the sources also claimed that in the month of August or September, third-party cards will be released, and then later this year, laptop versions of the cards will be released.

What Can We Expect?

An article at Kit Guru suggests that the Nvidia GTX 1180 will be geared more on gaming. The article notes that though rumors speculate that it will be using the so-called Turing GPU core, this doesn’t seem the case and will most likely be a revision of Volta rather than a completely separate architecture.

The article then explains that Volta is primarily built for A.I. and machine learning. But if you look at Titan V’s benchmark, it seems capable of holding its own in games. So with this understanding, there’s a possibility that GTX 1180’s turing will be Volta while its A.I accelerating and machine learning features removed to reduce production cost and focus more on gaming.

However, Kit Guru warns its readers that they are only deploying a good amount of educated guesswork. With that, they suggest to take it with a pinch of salt. So what do you guys think? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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