NVIDIA Titan V Suffering From Miscalculations, Issue Traced Back To Memory and Overclocking

Jasper Valdez
2:22 PM

For every gamer, it’s a dream to be able to actually incorporate NVIDIA’s Titan graphics card into their PC setup. I mean, it’s all you’re ever gonna want and much more.

Though the price tag isn’t something to overlook, many still opt to spend their hard-earned cash just to experience the bliss that is NVIDIA’s latest, high-tiered graphics card, the Titan V. By now, it’s safe to say that NVIDIA’s holy grail of graphics card isn’t going to be seeing a decline in the market, however, recent news discussing the Titan V’s calculating problems has erupted online and it may be a bad omen for NVIDIA’s current standing.

According to an inside source from The Register, the $3000 flagship graphics processor from NVIDIA is not performing efficiently in the calculating respect and is not yielding reliable results under particular conditions. Titan V, NVIDIA’s highest priced graphics card, is said to be afflicted with a major bug that affects its calculations, producing different results every time the same task is undertaken.

The anonymous source tells that two out of four Titan V cards that he tested would proceed with errors when given the task of simulating protein and enzyme interactions. These particular simulations were supposed to incur the same results each run of the simulations but in the case of the Titan V cards, it would produce varied results every time.

PCGamesN says that this particular error could stem from the card’s hardware or software, which would be bad for NVIDIA seeing as they stand at the forefront of the industry. Although rare, they add that this particular issue has also been seen in previous installments of the graphics card but not on the scale of Titan V.

Another source, who identified himself as an industry veteran, told The Register that this particular issue may be stemming from the card’s memory bank, which might have been greatly affected by NVIDIA’s overclocking. WCCftech argues that unlike the Quadro series and AMD’s Radeon Pro lineup, NVIDIA has foregone the error-correcting memory on the Titan V, which potentially exacerbates the bug. Taking all of this factors into account, this could probably be why the Titan V is experiencing downswings in the calculations category, especially when dealing with large sets of data.

Overall, seamless calculations and simulations are what makes a great graphics card. If NVIDIA wants to retain their place in the current market then they should now be thinking of a way to resolve this issue on the Titan V. In the past, similar problems were fixed using patch updates so, users of the Titan V should expect an update from NVIDIA to drop on their hardware not long after this.

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