NVIDIA Titan V Launched: Specs, Features, Price, Performance and More

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NVIDIA has launched its newest Titan V graphics card at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2017. Know more about the recently unveiled GPU from the American multi-national company through this article.

NVIDIA Titan V Specs and Features

The NVIDIA Titan V is considered beast of a graphics card as it has an enormous 5120 active CUDA cores. This is by far the utmost performing graphics chip from NVIDIA. Apart from that, there are still four disabled SMM clusters in this implementation of the GV100 architecture. The clock speed is somewhat lower than on the Titan Xp and somewhat a bit lower than the 1080 Ti. Nevertheless, the added cores more than makeup for that.

As for the GPU portion, the Titan V can do 14.9 TFLOPS of single-precision FP32 computations that is 31 percent more than the Titan Xp. But then, it’s worth mentioning that the reported boost clocks are conventional estimates. Apart from that, this is also the first pseudo-consumer graphics card from NVIDIA to useHBM2 memory. Despite that, only three of the potential four HBM2 stacks on GV100 are active. Having a memory clock speed of 1.7Gbps and a 3072-bit memory interface, it is indeed good for 653GB/s of bandwidth.

The real power of NVIDIA Titan V is coming from its 640 Tensor cores. One can find eight special-purpose Tensor cores per SMM cluster. Each of the Tensor core can achieve a 4×4 FMA (fused multiply-add) operation per cycle. That’s 64 FLOPS for the multiple, and an additional 64 FLOPS, which makes a total of 128 FLOPS. Multiply that by 640, and it looks like the Tensor cores run at a somewhat lower clock speed, as NVIDIA claims a total of 110 TFLOPS. That would be around 1340MHz, though the American graphics card maker might be counting other factors here as well.

NVIDIA Titan V Architecture

Architecturally, it can be remembered that NVIDIA has stated in the past that Volta isn’t just Pascal with the addition of Tensor cores. The structural design has been improved in terms of thread scheduling and implementation, memory controllers, the instruction set, the core layout, and a lot more. But in spite of the massive die size and stacks of computational power, it’s remarkable that the Titan V remains a 250W part. That bodes well for the true end-user Volta parts that are expected to be seen sometime in 2018.

NVIDIA Titan V Price

The NVIDIA Titan V GPU is tagged at $3,000; this is twice more than the cost of the current champion, the Titan Xp. If one would ask what possibly warrant such an expense? The answer is very simple, this GPU has lots and lots of computing power and that is due to the Volta GV100 architecture’s Tensor cores. Aside from that, it is backed by 12GB of HBM2 memory making it really worthy of its price tag.

These are the specifications, features, performance, and price of NVIDIA Titan V. What can you say about the American multi-national company’s recently unveiled powerful GPU? Please do share your comments and opinions in our comment section that can be found below.

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