Nvidia's Next Generation GTX 11xx GPUs To Be Released In Second Half of 2018

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Although Nvidia’s CEO said that its new generation GPUs will not be launched “for a long time”, there have been leaks and rumors indicating that it will be launched this year. This time, new information has come to light indicating the possible release of the said GPUs, specifically its GTX 11xx series. The information came from none other than Power Logic’s chairman, Hsu Wen-Feng.

The Interview

In an interview with Digi Times, Weng-Feng said that Power Logic is expecting to enjoy strong revenue growth momentum in the second half of 2018. He pointed out the firm’s stable orders of new car ventilation fans and increasing GPU cooling fan shipments which he expects to go through the roof starting Q3’18.

Thanks to Power Logic’s competitive prices and flexibility in meeting customer requirements, the company was able to successfully tap into the car-use cooling fan market which has long been dominated by Japan and Germany suppliers. With this, the company has been enjoying stable orders of automotive cooling fans, specifically those for in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Nvidia’s Next-Gen GTX 11xx Series Coming This Year

However, despite its success in the car-use cooling fan market, Wen-feng explains that Power Logic’s major revenues are still generated by cooling fans for gaming PCs which contributes up to 85% of the company’s annual revenues. Their customers are globally leading PC brand vendors. He then continues, given that Nvidia and AMD are set to release their new-generation GPUs in the second half of 2018, he expects Power Logic’s shipments of GPU cooling fans to significantly increase after the release – probably in the late third quarter.

Finally, he points out that e-sports will become a demonstration event at the upcoming Asian Games 2018 which is scheduled in mid-August in Jakarta, Indonesia. This in return will significantly fuel the market demand for gaming devices.

So do you think Weng-Feng just spilled the beans regarding the release of Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs, specifically the GTX 11xx series? Or is this only wishful thinking? Do tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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