NVIDIA GTX 11 Series Skipping The New 12nm Manufacturing Process In Favor Of The Current 7nm: Speculation

Jasper Valdez
7:37 PM

As we all know, there’s a ton of news websites claiming to know what’s really going on with NVIDIA’s upcoming GTX 11 series. So far, the general consensus of information says that the new card lineup will be based on the new 12nm manufacturing process developed by TSMC.

Though this is the case, a new speculation suggests otherwise. According to Nv Gfx Prgmr, a member of the popular Overclocker Forum (via PCGamesN), the new card will not be based on the new 12nm process. Rather, NVIDIA has opted to manufacture the new GTX 11 cards with the current 7nm GPU in tow.

PCGamesN shares that though this gives us a new narrative on the NVIDIA GTX 11 series’ production, it still is, for lack of better term, just groundless rants and rumor-mongering. In contrast to this, they say that though it’s just baseless speculation as of present, it’s still within the realm of possibility.

One scenario which supports this claim is TSMC’s ongoing production of 7nm processors. This manufacturing of processors has been going on ever since last month when company President C.C Wei mentioned it during an interview adding credibility to Nv Prgrmr’s supposedly, baseless ‘trollism.’

PCGamesN adds that there might be merit in skipping the 12nm processor. The 7nm is a more practical choice, considering it will last a longer time than the short-lived 12nm.

At the moment, it still remains to be seen what NVIDIA really have up their sleeves. That’s why it’s still a question until now. But no matter, sooner or later we will be able to confirm things as the launch date inches closer. 

As always, we urge our readers to take this new development with a grain of salt seeing as NVIDIA has kept mum on the issue of the GTX 11 series. We think that it won’t be for too long as the release of the cards is getting much closer.

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