NVIDIA GTX 11 Series: A Round Up Of The Latest Updates - Specs, Release Date, Price, and More

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If you’re keeping tabs on NVIDIA’s upcoming new GTX 11 GPU, then you already know that news about it has been scarce. However, despite the current situation, occasionally we get some interesting updates regarding the GTX 11’s development – though mostly speculation.

To give you a clearer view of what’s really going on behind the scenes, we’ve gathered all latest updates about the GTX 11 (previously rumored as GTX 20). From pricing to specifications down to release and improvements, we’ll try our best to keep you covered in all aspects. So, relax your fingers and swipe down to read more about it.

Nvidia GTX 11 Release Date

When it comes to a launch, nothing has been set in stone yet. According to the latest rumors, the GTX 11 will drop sometime in the third quarter of 2018 – somewhere around early or late fall. Ultragamerz says that this particular timeline is supported by SK Hynix three-month production period for the new  GDDR6 memory, which will start around June or July and is set to be used in Nvidia’s GTX 11 series. In contrast to this, other rumors suggest that we’ll see the new graphics card earlier than expected – around summer or later in July.

Specifications and Performance

As with any NVIDIA series, the GTX 11 is bound to get upgrades in terms of hardware and performance. According to Wccftech’s sources, the new GTX 1180 will have a GPU measuring around ~400mm² accompanied by 3,584 CUDA cores. In addition to this, it will also come integrated with the new 256-bit GDDR6 memory, which comes in two variants, an 8GB and 16GB. Powered by a 104 class GPU, the GTX 11 is said to have a standard clock of 1.6GHz climbing up to 1.8GHz when boosted.

Image Credit- WccFtech

In terms of performance, the GTX 11 is expected to run at 13 TFLOPS, which will largely depend on the consistency of its clock speed. With this, it’s slightly above its predecessors, the GTX 1080 Ti, while also consuming less power.


Though it’s too early to say what price the GTX 11 (GTX 1180) will drop with, Wccftech has estimated that NVIDIA is planning to charge higher for this particular lineup than the previous roster. They say that the price marker will likely start at $699, the same with the GTX 1080 Ti, and could potentially go higher from there.

Image Credit- WccFtech

Overall, all of these developments, to say the least, are simply conjectures as of present as NVIDIA has not issued any confirmations regarding the GTX 11. In line with this, we urge our readers to take these new updates with a grain of salt until NVIDIA issues confirmations on the speculations.

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