NVIDIA GeForce ‘Turing’ Might Be Unveiled At GTC 2018, GPU Will Be Dedicated To Cryptomining

Maricris Jose
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NVIDIA has been speculated to release another graphics card during the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2018, which starts on March 26. Dubbed as ‘Turing’ the said card is anticipated to be dedicated to Cryptomining.

NVIDIA GeForce ‘Turing’ Background

For some reference, the codename Turing is referring to Alan Turing who is well thought-out to be the father of modern computing. He was also the chief architect of the British program to break Enigma machine encryption that is utilized by Germany to encode communications during World War II.

Moreover, he is also the man behind the idea of the Turing machine. This is a theoretical device that can simulate any algorithm even the compound ones. Meanwhile, the program design languages that can simulate this device are denoted as the Turing comprehensive languages.

Why Would NVIDIA Name Upcoming GPU ‘Turing?

According to WccfTech, there are two possible reasons why NVIDIA would name the upcoming GPU ‘Turing’. First is that the American multi-national company decided to ditch the Ampere codename since it’s very similar to the chip that’s called Ampere. NVIDIA might also decide to split the upcoming architecture into two distinctive flavors: Ampere and Turing. Both of the probabilities are possible since NVIDIA has been known to do that in the past basically to discredit the leak section.

Additionally, the possibility is that NVIDIA might be preparing for two distinct products, the Ampere and Turing. This is because there have been speculations that NVIDIA will release a cryptocurrency dedicated product. There’s a chance that Turing GPU is actually the one intended for the mining industry. This really makes sense since Alan Turing is famous for his work on cryptography. As a matter of fact, he was part of the team that was able to solve the Enigma machine which gives rise to the success of World War.

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