NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 - Specs and Pricing Revealed in New Leak

Jasper Valdez
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As we all know, NVIDIA is already developing the next generation to its highly successful GTX 10 lineup – the new GTX 11 series. For the past weeks, we’ve only been provided with confirmations on the card’s existence and architecture, which is said to be based on the new Turing technology.

However, this time around, it seems like industry insiders are holding back no more as new details on the GTX 11 roster have surfaced online – to the shock of many. According to Wccftech’s sources, the new GPU, who’s been tagged as the GTX 1180, is going to be powered by a 104 class GPU, codenamed GT104. It will boast a total of 3584 GPU cores, 64 render outputs, and 224 texture mapping units and will be based on the same structure as the GTX 1080 Ti.

PCMag says that if we analyze the leaks specs it’s obvious that the new graphics card is somewhat less powerful when compared to the previous generation GTX 1080 Ti, however, it trumps over the standard version. The GTX 1180 is expected to run at a base clock of 1600MHz up to 1800 MHz when boosted, and a TDP range of 170-200W.

Besides this, sources say that NVIDIA is going to make use of the new GDDR6 memory in this new lineup, enhancing transfer rates to lightning speed. It is said to be coming in an 8GB and 16GB variant, which will improve bandwidth speed 1.27 times or up to 1.45 times. The source also says that the new graphics card will offer a 1.51x increase in performance than its predecessors.

In terms of pricing, it seems like rather than following the dip in demand for powerful cards, NVIDIA is aiming to up the price even more. From the GTX 1080’s $600 value point, the new GTX 1180 will jump to $699 – a move which will likely dishearten potential buyers.

Overall, it’s really exciting to see that we’ve finally been granted with more details regarding NVIDIA’s new GTX 11 series. However, seeing as this is the first concrete lead we have, it’s still a must to take these new developments with a grain of salt. That’s why we urge our readers to look towards NVIDIA for facts and announcements.

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