Nvidia GTX 1180: Rumors, Latest Update and All That You’d Like to Know About the New Chips

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Nvidia’s “Pascal” GPU of 10-series is taking a long time, considering that the original GTX 1070 and 1080 cards released two years ago. Since then, we have witnessed a number of Intel and AMD CPU generations. It is now high time for people to see new GeForce platform. Even though Nvidia has made it a point to not reveal anything about “Turing” chips, its next-generation graphics (GTX 1180), industry sources has confirmed that the all-new cards are expected to arrive in July this year.

Here are the latest update, rumors and all that you would like to know about Nvidia GTX 1180.

Will the New Cards be Called GTX 1180 or GTX 2080?

Nvidia hasn’t yet announced a brand name, but we know that the new cards will either be the 11-series or the 20-series. The new chips will be referred to as either the GTX 1180 or GTX 2080. Since we are moving on from the 10 series, it is more likely that the new card will be called GTX 1180.

GTX 1180 Probable Release Date

As per Tom’s Hardware, Nvidia will deliver Founder’s Edition Cards to retail sometime in July. The third-party cards will release in August or September 2018. The laptop versions of the cards will come out at the end of the year.

It is being reported that the company will deliver the GPU and memory over to partners either on or around June 15th. Turing based new Quadro cards will release in August 2018 at Siggraph.

Specs and Features

Tech site Wccftech reported way back in April that GTX 1180 could have a clock speed of 1.6 to 1.8-GHz, 3,584 CUDA cores, and 8 to 16GB of GDDR6 memory. As per the site, the new chip would have 170 to 200 watts of TDP.

Even though we do not have complete information on the new GTX 1180, we know for sure that fans are eagerly waiting for this all-new chip by Nvidia.

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