Nvidia GTX 1180 Specs And Features Rumor Round Up

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So far, Nvidia has been doing a great job in keeping details regarding its upcoming new generation graphics card – the Geforce GTX 1180. Hell, we don’t even know if that will be its name. For all, we know it could be named as GTX 2080 or something entirely different.

But even with Nvidia’s efforts, we still managed to hear a few rumors and leaks regarding its specs and features. With that being said, let’s review some of them, shall we?

Specs and Features

Last April, WccFtech published an article on what is supposed to be GTX 1180’s “preliminary specifications”. According to the article, the specs of the said graphics card are:

  • Architecture  – Turing
  • Lithography – 12nm FinFET
  • GPU – GT104
  • Die Size – ~400mm²
  • CUDA – Cores 3584
  • TMUs – 224
  • ROPs – 64
  • Core Clock – ~1600MHz
  • Boost Clock – ~1800MHz
  • FP32 Performance (Peak) – ~13 TFLOPS
  • Memory Interface – 256-bit
  • Memory – 8-16 GB GDDR6
  • Memory Speed – 16Gbps
  • Memory Bandwidth – 512GB/s
  • TDP – 170-200W

Geared Towards The Gaming Market?

A few days ago, Kit Guru published a report suggesting that the GTX 1180 would be geared more on gaming. The article explains notes that despite the rumors saying that the said graphics card will be using the so-called Turing GPU core, there’s a possibility that it will be a revision of Volta rather than a completely separate architecture.

First, the report notes that Volta is primarily built for A.I. and machine learning. Second, if you look at Titan V’s benchmark, it is also capable of gaming. With this understanding, it’s possible that GTX 1180’s turning will be Volta while it’s A.I. and machine learning features stripped out in order to reduce production costs and focus more on the gaming market.

But hey, this is just a speculation made by Kit Guru so take it with a pinch of salt. If you want to view more details regarding the Titan V’s gaming benchmarks, you can check it on Gamers Nexus.

So what do you guys think about Nvidia Geforce GTX 1180? Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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