Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180: Everything We Know So Far

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The Nvidia Geforce GTX 1180 is one of the highly anticipated graphics cards in the tech community, and over a year we’ve heard so many rumors, leaks, and speculations regarding it. Given that a few days from now it will be June which is the month before its expected release. I think it’s time we sit down and review everything we know so far about the much-awaited new generation of graphics card.

When Will It Be Released?

According to Tom’s Hardware, the GTX 1180 is expected to be released on July for the Founder’s Edition Editor cards, and then on either August or September, third-party cards will be released. Furthermore, laptop versions of the cards will also be released later this year.

How Much Will It Cost?

Tech Radar has made a prediction regarding how much the GTX 1180 could cost. Based on the starting price of GTX 1080 Ti ($699) and GTX 1080 ($599), it could cost from $699 to $749. However, the said publication also notes that there is a possibility that it could cost even higher.

How Powerful Will It Be?

According to the WccFtech listed the “preliminary specs” of the GeForce GTX 1180. According to the site, the information is based on leaks, rumors, and information provided to them.

  • Architecture  – Turing
  • Lithography – 12nm FinFET
  • GPU – GT104
  • Die Size – ~400mm²
  • CUDA – Cores 3584
  • TMUs – 224
  • ROPs – 64
  • Core Clock – ~1600MHz
  • Boost Clock – ~1800MHz
  • FP32 Performance (Peak) – ~13 TFLOPS
  • Memory Interface – 256-bit
  • Memory – 8-16 GB GDDR6
  • Memory Speed – 16Gbps
  • Memory Bandwidth – 512GB/s
  • TDP – 170-200W


As you may know, the information written above is based on rumors, leaks and speculations so are sure to take it with a pinch of salt. Though Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180’s actual price and specs will be revealed soon, what are your expectations? Do share your thoughts and in the comment section below.

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