Nvidia CEO: GTX 1180 Release Is “A Long Time From Now”

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Just when we finally get some new details regarding the highly anticipated Nvidia GTX 1180, it’s hard to decide whether it’s good news or bad news. But nevertheless, at least we have some information regarding its release date straight from the mouth of Nvidia’s CEO – that alone can be considered as good news I guess.

When Is It Coming?

At the Computex 2018 press conference, reporters asked Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, regarding the GTX 1180’s release date. According to sources, the CEO said that “It’s a long time from now.”

With this, people are now left wondering how long is this “a long time from now.” Will it be a few months? A year? Two years?

Comparing It To The Rumors

Huang’s statement regarding GTX 1180’s release date doesn’t align with the rumors pointing that it will be released around the month of August. To be specific, given that Nvidia is expected to present its “next generation mainstream GPU” at the Hot Chips symposium on August 20, it was believed that the highly anticipated new generation graphics card will either be launched or announced before that date.

If you’ve read the article on Tom’s Hardware published on May 16, 2018, it stated that according to industry sources, Nvidia will be delivering the GPU and memory over to partners on or around June 15th and then will release them on July for the Founder’s Edition card with third-party to follow in August or September. And then later in the year, laptop versions of the cards will also be released.

Another rumor that made people believe that the Nvidia GTX 1180 will be released on August is Nvidia’s deal with the South Korean semiconductor company SK Hynix. It was assumed that it will be providing GDDR6 for Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards. In fact, the South Korean company even confirmed that its speedy GDDR6 memory modules were already available for purchase earlier in the year.

So what do you think? How long will we have to wait till Nvidia releases its next-generation graphics card? What about Nvidia’s deal with SK Hynix? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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