In this ever-transforming world, everything has a fix. Be it yours under grown eyebrows. People with not so dense eyebrow hair need not worry anymore. Microblading or brow tattooing has emerged as an answer to those facing lack of confidence due to almost invisible eyebrows.

We all want dense and thick brows to look prettier. It is fact that fully grown brows make your eyes look deeper and attractive. Use of cosmetics such as brow pencils to camouflage thinly grown eyebrow hair is a popular practice. But with a revolutionary technology like microblading making headway into the beauty industry, one can easily catch up with the growing trend of dense brows. This procedure is also called brow tattooing and is becoming a catchy trend.

What is microblading?

A technique which tattoos color pigment deposits to fill hair gaps in the eyebrows area. Micro blading is fast trending cosmetic procedure to get thick brows in preferred shape, stroke and color. Also, called micro stroking, this technique is completely safe and easy in application. However, once you go for this procedure, you need to follow some strict dos and donts. Avoiding wash for up to 10 days, sun exposure and sweat control are some of the precautions, one needs to follow ardently.

Let us tell you that this procedure, unlike any other cosmetic procedures, is not permanent. Microblading tends to fade away with time. It lasts for upto18 months depending upon the kind of exposure and product used, which may cause the fading.

Now, we will tell how microblading procedure is performed and its main features before you decide upon on getting it done.

  • A fine pen with about 15 microblades contains ink pigments which ink the hair-like strokes on the brow area when applied.
  • Brows look completely natural and it takes only a couple of hours to do this procedure.
  • Choice of shape, color, stroke, and density depends on the person who wants go for this.
  • Your natural brows remain unaffected when the brow color fades away.
  • Microbladed brows can be easily removed by the help of a dermatologist.
  • This is a safe non-surgical procedure so no need to worry!

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