North Korea Blamed For WannaCry Attacks by United States

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The United States of America has come out in the open. It has blamed North Korea for WannaCry attacks which occurred a few months ago this year. A senior administrative officer of the government said that a hacking entity “Lazarus Group” executed WannaCry cyber-attacks.

The US administration concluded with a “high-level confidence” that the hacking entity was backed by the North Korean government. Although, these accusations await a formal declaration from The White House. The Trump administration, however, confidently believes North Korean hand behind the attacks, as reported by Washington Post.

The North Korean nation has been already condemned for carrying out nuke tests. World leaders have criticized N. Korea for severe human rights violations in the past. Recent nuke tests by Kim Jong Un government led to new sanctions from the United States of America. North Korea has been warned for fueling the nuclear war in the region by the United State of America.

North Korean Denial

North Korea has firmly denied any allegations related to WannaCry cyber-attacks. Including the allegations of Sony Pictures hacking incident which took place last year. Sony Pictures documents were hacked having crucial information by Korean hackers. The firm was working on satire depicting a character like North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

What Is WannaCry Ransomware?

The deadly virus attack led to widespread data theft across 150 countries. WannaCry virus was attached with a ransom-ware, created to extract money in the exchange of using encrypted data. The virus affected more than 200,000 computers and caused disruption in carrying out public services.

Renowned anti-virus firm like Symantec has also supported the US claims suggesting North Korean involvement in WannaCry attacks. Countries like the United Kingdom have also supported these allegations. Many UK patients and hospitals were critically affected by this virus this year.

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