Nokia 9: Everything You Need To Know About HMD’s New Flagship Device

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It’s obvious that Nokia is again seeing a rise in popularity with the release of the Nokia 7 and Noki 8 Sirocco and it’s thanks to no other than its new home HMD Global. But despite its new lease on life, people are still not convinced that this is the best the legendary handset creator has to offer. This is why many are now looking forward to the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Nokia 9which the public proclaims as the signal to Nokia’s second coming.

In line with the overwhelming anticipation, we took it upon ourselves to gather all there is to know about the newest Nokia device. From release to specifications down to design and hardware, we’ve covered every last bit of detail about the Nokia 9 –served fresh and on the go just like you want. So, what are you waiting for? Read and take it all in!

Nokia 9 Release Date

Though almost a year has passed since news about the Nokia 9 started emerging on the internet, we’re still quite unsure when we’ll see the actual device. However, according to the latest estimates, the device might o a repeat of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, which dropped last year in fall. The Sun notes that this particular timeline will bring the Nokia 9 toe to toe with top competitors in the industry -mainly Samsung and Apple as both annually release flagships during this period.

So far, that’s the only lead we’ve got as earlier estimates were proven otherwise, especially rumors indicating that the device will show up during the 2018 Mobile World Congress back in February. However, there’s still a chance that we’ll see the Nokia 9 this year as HMD’s annual flagship unveiling draws closer.

Nokia 9 Features and Design

As we’ve seen in HMD’s latest outings, the new Nokia series has been updated to cater to the current market demand, sporting a sleeker and more modern look. It seems like this particular design aesthetic isn’t going out of style yet as new renders and leaks show that the Nokia 9 sporting a similar form, albeit improved and more refined.

Nokia 9

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In terms of features, the new Nokia device is going to go big with a 6.01-inch AMOLED screen display partnered with a ceramic backplate accented with fine gold lines. Aside from this, new leaks from SuomiMobili show that the Nokia 9 will be coming with a 41-megapixel triple camera setup on the rear -a trait similar to Huawei P20 Pro. In addition to this, the front will house a 21-megapixel selfie-camera, provided by ZEISS. Besides this, speculations also point towards an in-display fingerprint scanner since early leaks show no visible sensor at the back.

Internals and Hardware

Still, in line with SuomiMobili’s leak, the new Nokia 9 will be HMD’s biggest handset yet. The new device, according to the specs sheet, will be dropping with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 -similar to current powerful devices available on the market. Besides this, the device is set to ramp up the RAM up to 8GB and the internal storage to 256GB.

Though all of this seems to be telling, we still advise our readers to withhold belief. It’s also necessary to take these new developments with a grain of salt until HMD drops official confirmations regarding the Nokia 9.

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