Nokia 9/ A1 Plus A Possibility Of A 2018 Release; Everything We Know So Far!

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The company HMD Global seems to be working on a release for a certain ‘Nokia 9’ phone that will be the new face and flagship of the company. Internally known Nokia A1 Plus or A1P, this could be the successor for the Nokia 8 that was launched last year.

Way back before the smartphone changed the landscape of handheld devices, Nokia and their sets of sturdy and reliable phones roamed the planet. As years go by, Nokia wasn’t able to keep up with the changing environment. Fast forward to 2018, the company is looking for getting a chance for redemption by the release of the company’s true flagship that will match the biggest players in the smartphone industry.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco was released to the public by HMD Global that comes with a stylish design paired with premium specs under the hood. However, compared to other flagship phones, the overall usage and potential of the Nokia 8 might be we suited as a mid-level to lower high-end tier.

The thing that stands out the most for the Nokia 9 or the A1 Plus would be the under the display sensor. It is just not any other sensor but it would be the fingerprint sensor that will come in the display itself and It is comparable to what Vivo X21 UD has.

It is said that the company did face some roadblocks in getting the UD installed in the device. Due to the structure, they have to find adjustments to make the under the display sensor work.

After some tweaks and calibration, the company finds the right equation to get things all lined up by getting a thinner version of the glass cover. After installing a thinner cover, the performance of the phone’s UD fingerprint sensor got resolved.

Another incentive that happened after changing the cover would be the adjustment for the screen. Due to the changes, it only makes sense if the company uses OLED for accommodating the under the display sensor. It is also reported that LG is the main manufacturer for the display that will be mounted for the unit.

Due to the lack of advancement in the chipset area, Nokia 8 Sirocco fall in the lower tier of the high-end smartphones and about the mid-range category. The version used Snapdragon 835 while the new successor reportedly will get Snapdragon 845 chipset with a ceiling of 2.8GHz clock speed.

Nokia 9 or the A1 Plus suggests that the camera department is one of their focus and willing to take a “high risk” move for getting a high reward. In the past few years, Nokia phones used Zeiss-branded optics but it felt short and proved nothing spectacular in the photography section so I understand the initiative that they have done.

We have yet to see any official statement from the company about the exact release and the confirmed pricing for the new Nokia 9 phone. For now, we can only wait for HMD to launch the new flagship and we expect that the phone will be on its way to the stores mid to late part of this year. The company could also unveil the phone at IFA 2018 that will be held in Berlin.

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