Nintendo Switch Fusée Gelée Jailbreak to Arrive Early in Summer, Toolkit Details Specified

Maricris Jose
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The Switch owners who wanted to explore the advancement of jailbreak to their handsets will be delighted as a toolkit is expected to become available. Dubbed as the Coldboot Nintendo Switch jailbreak hack Fusée Gelée, the said jailbreak tool might become available as early as this summer.

Nintendo Switch Fusée Gelée Jailbreak Details

Kate Temkin who is an Engineer and self-proclaimed “low-level” hacker has discovered a vulnerability in the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip. This was the processor chipset that’s inside the Nintendo Switch gaming console that’s available on the market today. The said susceptibility has made it conceivable for Temkin to create a jailbreak that allegedly won’t ever be patchable with an upcoming upgrade.

As of this moment, the hack is called Fusée Gelée, as labeled by Temkin, is “future-proof” because this jailbreak exploits a coding error in the read-only bootrom. The said bootrom can receive minor patches while it’s still at the factory, but the moment it leaves the manufacturing facility, it will now turn to be unpatchable.

Nintendo Switch Fusée Gelée Release Date

In a freshly published FAQ, Temkin pointed out that the Fusée Gelée will probably become accessible to the public sometime this summer. This basically means that that the jailbreak enthusiasts can now be capable of jailbreaking their Nintendo Switch devices. They can do this no matter what operating system their gaming console is running, as long as they’re on the market by this time. In case you wanted to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch and it’s engineered with Tegra X1 chip, then you’ll be capable of updating its firmware up until the end of time and continue to delight in the jailbreak features.


The moment you jailbreak your Nintendo Switch that would also mean that any warranty you have on your gaming console will be null and void. This is because you’ll be violating the user contract you contracted to when utilizing the Switch.

These are the available details about the jailbreak for Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, we could see the hack sometime this summer, so please stay tuned for future updates!

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