Switch Jailbreak Now Available; Hackers Reveal That Nintendo Can’t Patch Toolkit

Maricris Jose
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It was in January this year when hackers reveal the vulnerability that they had discovered in the Nintendo Switch. And it seems that these jailbreakers are working really hard as two group of hackers announced that they already made a jailbreak for the console.

Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Details

According to The Washington Post, the Nintendo Switch jailbreak which was released on Tuesday is similar to the jailbreak of a smartphone. This can make the Nintendo Switch turn into a tablet that can run pirated programs. Apart from that, it can also give the hackers greater control over the console.

The vulnerability in the gaming console is a problem related to its processor chip, the NVIDIA Tegra X1. This chipset, which is fundamentally the brains of the Switch, is also utilized in some Android devices. A hacking group under the name fail0verflow stated in a blog post that it had already informed Google about the susceptibility and sworn to wait 90 days to divulge it. This is to give the biggest search engine company the chance to scrutinize it.

Moreover, Fail0verflow isn’t just the only group to discover this vulnerability in the Switch. Another group of enthusiastic hackers under the name ReSwitched, put up a thorough account of the same activity earlier Tuesday. The group clearly said that a similar hack would work for other gadgets that are engineered by NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip.

It is also worth mentioning that since the issue is a hardware glitch, it will be very hard for Nintendo to fix the problem remotely through sending over the air updates to people. As an alternative, it may be a flaw that can be rectified only for the upcoming gaming consoles.

Things To Keep In Mind In Jailbreaking Nintendo Switch

The hackers warned the Nintendo Switch users who wanted to jailbreak their consoles that executing the jailbreak is a complicated process. It is also worth noting that this necessitates confidence in one’s programming abilities and readiness to perchance destroy the Switch in the process, in case something goes wrong.

Do you own a Switch console? Are you willing to jailbreak your device? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below.

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