Nintendo Switch: 4 Features We Hate, 4 Accessories We Like

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Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released last year, it has become a credible competitor to the current generation of devices for both the Xbox and the PlayStation. But just like some of the best tech products right now, some of its features were met with a polarized reaction. A few accessories have also been lauded for improving the Switch experience. This article will be listing down the Switch features that we hate and the accessories we love:

LIKE: Pro Controller

While a bit on the higher end of the price range, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is one of the best controllers out there. It is much better than Joy-Cons, for example. It also has great analog sticks, direction pad, and triggers. They are also wireless and are equipped with motion-sensing features.

HATE: Restrained availability

It looks like availability is always an issue with Nintendo devices no matter what decade it is. After the release of the Octopath Traveler, the Switch has been sold out in retailers all over the world. This could be because of a lack of company foresight with regards to the demand for the Switch.

LIKE: Nyko Kick Stand

One common complaint users have about the Nintendo Switch is the plastic kickstand. This is the part that covers the microSD card port. People dislike it mainly because it is easily destroyed. The good thing is it can be replaced with a stronger alternative through the Nyko Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch. It is more solid and secure too because it is made of metal.

HATE: Perpetual power

Whenever a Switch is charged, it just turns on and displays its current battery supply. Once you unplug it, it just assumes that you are ready to play. This can be incredibly annoying for users.

LIKE: Ethernet Adapter

If you play your Switch on your television or make huge downloads all the time, you know that the built-in Wi-Fi is not enough. This is why having a wired connection is important. To make things easier, you will need the Ethernet Adapter, which you just have to plug into the dock of the Switch.

HATE: Lack of a virtual console

Virtual consoles were a staple of Nintendo devices a few years ago. The Switch does not have this feature, however. If Nintendo intends to introduce fans to its impressive backlog, it should integrate a virtual console on the Switch soon.

LIKE: Astro Gaming Headset

The Astro Gaming A10 Headset is arguably one of the most ideal headsets for the Switch out there. For an affordable price of $60, you will already get a headset that is comfortable and sturdy at the same time. It is already equipped with stereo sound, with an immersive and stunning audio experience like no other.

HATE: No dedicated voice chat

Gamers like platforms that have dedicated voice chats. In fact, some people consider it essential. With the Switch, however, you have to use a separate app, which is not ideal.

Do any of these Nintendo Switch features limit your gaming experience? Do you like any of these accessories? Let us know by posting in the comments section.

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