Nintendo Switch 2: What To Expect From Nintendo’s Next Hybrid Console

Jasper Valdez
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It’s obvious that Nintendo’s newest console is currently on track to being legendary. The hybrid console enjoyed an incredible support from gamers all over, resulting in the platform being granted the title of fastest selling console ever inside the United States and other parts of the world. With this, it’s probably safe to say that Nintendo’s newest product will see a long run in the market, which is estimated to be at five or even six years. But despite this being the case, as with anything, Nintendo will ultimately be replacing the Nintendo Switch with something more incredible and adept at providing entertainment–more specifically the Nintendo Switch 2.

Although it’s still too early to tell what the Nintendo Switch 2 will look like, fans are already taking time out of their days to come up with plausible scenarios. In the true spirit of things, we’ve also taken the plunge and joined the fun. Here, we will be listing all the things we might see in the next Switch installment.

A More Powerful Console

Though it has yet to be revealed if the Nintendo Switch 2 is indeed in Nintendo’s current plans, a team of hackers from Switchbrew discovered something that may just prove its existence. According to them, the recent firmware upgrade of the Switch provided clues into what internals the new device will be given. The hint indicates that a new and improved processing chip is in development called the T214. Aside from this, a new circuit board is also set to join the fray. It also shows that instead of a 4GB RAM, the new Switch will be employed with a larger 8GB RAM.

TechRadar says that this particular development might possibly be a lead to the new Switch 2 seeing as Nintendo previously denied that they were planning on updating the hardware aspect of the current Switch, which might mean that the Switch 2 is already in development.

More Varied Accessories

As insiders previously revealed through the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo plans to expand the Switch’s life expectancy by providing consumers a more varied array of peripherals and accessories. With this in mind, we might see this particular trend translate to the Nintendo Switch 2, which will give consumers enhanced and better accessories to use on the new platform.

New Design and Form

One aspect that OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) never fail to upgrade is a product’s design and form and when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, this might not be too far off. Although there are no major problems with the Switch’s overall design, if Nintendo wants to deviate from their past iteration, then aesthetic enhancements are a must. The Nintendo Switch 2 will probably be a much lighter version partnered with a more refined look with narrower bezels while retaining the size, which is already in an ideal shape. Aside from this, Nintendo may push for a smaller dock for the next installment further giving credit to the device’s portability.

If you have any novel ideas on what the Nintendo Switch 2 console will be, feel free to share it with us through the comments section below!

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