Nintendo Announces Re-Stock of NES Classic Edition This June

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If you missed out on an NES Classic Edition during the retro console’s initial run, you will be glad to know that it will be back in stock in June this year. Nintendo has officially announced the arrival of the hard-to-find mini-console starting June 29, 2018.

Nintendo has kept its promise and is bringing back the NES Classic Edition Re-stock after a short period of discontinuation. The company announced the arrival of the mini-console on twitter. Nintendo’s official page reads:

When the console first hit the market back in November 2016, there was a great demand, leading to the sell-out of the entire stock almost immediately. The company then decided to stop the manufacturing of the micro-console, promising to be back soon. NES Classic Edition will now return with full-on availability.

Even though the mini-console will be available in the store next month, it is yet to be seen if there will be enough to meet the demand of this highly popular console game. But, of course, there is more chance for maximum fans to lay their hands on the NES Classic-mini this time around. The company has also promised to make the SNES Classic Edition available through the end of 2018 as well. No date has been specified by Nintendo as of yet.

NES Classic Edition Specs and Pricing

For those who are not very familiar, NES Classic Edition consists of 30 games, which includes Metroid, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Donkey Kong. The micro-console will include one NES Classic Controller, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter. The NES Classic will be priced at $59.99, and the recently released SNES Classic will cost $80.

The company will also include 20 NES games with updated multiplayer features, which will be part of online subscription service for the Switch, expected to release in September this year. The demand for these dedicated retro mini consoles is huge. Regarding the SNES Classic, Nintendo recently made a statement that it already sold nearly 5 million units. It is hence not surprising why there is no Virtual Console download store for the Switch.

Since we don’t know until when the NES Classic Edition will be available in the store, it is better to get a hand of it as soon as it lands in the market.

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