Next-Generation Xbox Codenamed "Scarlett" Will Come In 2020

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Microsoft is reported to release its next-generation Xbox Two years from now. Now, the latest information is coming from an unnamed source indicating the release date for Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox codenamed ‘Scarlett.’

Next Generation Xbox Coming Soon

According to a published article at Thurrott, Brad Sams, one of its writers, claimed that he was tipped off last week regarding the next generation Xbox which was codenamed as “Scarlett”. When he received this piece of information, he immediately made efforts to track down if it was accurate. He notes that he was able to view content that highlighted several unannounced Microsoft products that are set to come in the next two years.

One of the items on that list was indeed the next generation Xbox console codenamed as “Scarlett” which was set to arrive in 2020. However, what made it interesting (according to him) was that it was described by Microsoft as a family of devices to which Sams concludes that “we may see multiple pieces of hardware released that year [2020]”.

Sams notes the closeness of the date and that Microsoft just launched the Xbox One X last year which seems that the company is aggressively moving ahead with hardware in the console space to shake up the industry. However, he isn’t sure if “Scarlett” is either a brand new set of devices i.e. Xbox Two or just another powerful Xbox One that is fully backward compatible with all the content available today.  But given that Microsoft has placed so much effort into backward compatibility, he expects that “Scarlett” will support current generation games but will offer more advanced features and align it will the company’s upcoming game-streaming services.

For his final thoughts, Sams noted that just like any other leak, this piece of information that he has divulged could change. However, he explains that the information was authentic as he was able to verify it and firmly believes that  Xbox Two will be released in 2020.

So do you think it’s a brand new set of devices or just another powerful Xbox One that’s fully backward compatible with all the content available today? Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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