Next Generation Console: PlayStation 5 Concept

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Fans are really hyped with the arrival of the next generation console from the tech giant Sony with their very own PlayStation 5. Even though the company behind the gaming console still haven’t provided any details about their new project, this didn’t stop avid PS5 enthusiasts to make their own fan-made concept of their own console.

According to the recent talks around the community, the long-awaited PlayStation 5 is expected to hit the public in a few years time, possibly as early as the last part of 2019 to mid-2020. This news brought huge excitement to all gaming communities and what the gaming console is capable of.

Since the Sony is keeping a low profile in any news about the incoming PlayStation 5, a YouTube channel, Big Star X Productions, provided their very own version of what they think the PS 5 can bring to the table. The concept was made by Joseph Dumary and is currently getting a lot of attention around the community. Let’s take a look at their video.

Many fans would say that the artists that made the video did compile most of the possible features that PlayStation owners dream of. There are many PS5 concepts floating around but this is definitely made a huge impact.

PlayStation 5 Concept: Features and Specifications


According to the video, their fan-made PlayStation 5 version shows that it can support an Air HDMI which brings a wireless connectivity between the console and the monitor without compromising the image quality. This will be a very cool feature in case Sony will add this to the new PlayStation 5, given if they were able to get the right technology run this.

Eco Mode

The concept video has shown the Eco-Friendly Mode which is helpful to all players out there that got stuck in a situation where they are playing their best game ever then a power interruption spoils the moment. The Eco Mode allows the concept PlayStation 5 to consume no electricity in standby mode and allows the player to give enough time to save their game progress in case something happened.

Integrated Backup Battery

This feature will work alongside the Eco Mode and will be the main power source of the concept gaming console in an event where power interruption happened. The backup battery allows the concept PlayStation 5 to get an extra 5 minutes to power up the console.

Improved DualShock PlayStation Controller

PlayStation controllers are an important part of the gaming console and it is not surprising that the video maker understands the significance of that. The concept shows up that the new DualShock controller has a built-in touchscreen with an on-screen fingerprint sensor similar to what we have in some recent phones.

The new concept controller for the PlayStation 5 will feature messages not on your TV screen but on the controller itself, saving time to switch between screens and allows you to focus more in your game. Like most of the smartphones today, the PS5 concept controller also supports wireless charging which will be very interesting if Sony can pull this one off.

Above all, the video is fan made and we are not sure whether all or some of the features stated will get through the real PlayStation 5, but the fan made concept is really nice. For now, what we can do is to wait and look for clues from Sony about the project that they are doing and hope that it would exceed our expectations.

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