Next Generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper: All The Latest Update On Release Date and Specifications

Jasper Valdez
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Earlier this April, AMD surprised us with the release of their second generation processors, which relegated the first generation to the second line when it comes to performance. However, what we have yet to hear from the equipment manufacturer is the successor to the highly praised AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

In light of this, we gathered everything there is to know about the new CPU. From release to specifications down to performance gains, we tried our best to keep you posted in every respect. Just scroll down for the details!

Release Date

AMD announced previously during CES 2018 that the new lineup of the Ryzen Threadripper will appear somewhere in the second quarter of the year. With this, there’s really no reason to think that the new roster will drop any later than that.

Though AMD didn’t go into specifics, TechRadar says that based on the late release of the Ryzen 2nd generation, it’s possible that the new lineup of the Ryzen ThreadRipper will also appear at a later date when compared to the first lineup – probably falling on September or further down.


When it comes to specs, one thing that’s going to stay the same with the 2nd generation of AMD Ryzen Threadripper will be the TR4 Socket. According to a report from AnandTech, AMD chose to retain the feature so as to make it easier for consumers to upgrade their setups without needing to change the motherboard.

Another feature which the new CPU will retain is the first-gen’s microarchitecture. That’s why aside from improvements on faster clock speeds and more efficient power consumption, TechRadar says that potential buyers shouldn’t expect anything more – although they also indicated that 66-cores and 32-threads are more than enough for this new roster. Aside from this, the Ryzen Threadripper will also be integrated with a new chipset, optimizing performance and power consumption all the more.

Overall, there’s still so much we don’t know about the new lineup. Until AMD confirms these specifications we won’t know for sure what’s in store for us. That’s why we urge our readers to take these developments with a grain of salt and turn to AMD for official details and announcements.

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