News And Rumors For Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 (6)

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The Surface Pro is known to be the flagship two-in-one laptop and tablet from Microsoft that features versatility and power in one system. With the introduction of mobility along with powerful comments, the company might surprise us more in the coming months with the announcement of the new Surface Pro 5 (6).

The new Surface Pro will make a grand entrance to the market roughly around 2019 or as soon as before the end of 2018. As the predecessor of the Surface Pro line from June 2017, the new line might feature the 10-inch budget friendly Surface device that has been the center of talks in the recent months or it could be a whole new line for the Surface family.

Many argue that the release last year was more of a refresh than a completely new upgrade for the line and others stated that it was the new Surface Pro 5 that succeeded the Surface Pro 4. Either way, this action by the company allows them to buy more time for creating a better and improved Surface lineup. The current model or the refreshed model of Surface Pro was first introduced in Shanghai, China but with no significant upgrade from the model before it. The reveal gave us a price tag for a mid-level version of around $799

The USB-C is currently the new norm for any new devices and improving the new setup of the USB connection will be a vital point for any future plans from the company. Reported earlier, Microsoft filed a patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO last April and May 2017 for a USB-C housing and the cabling setup for the USB-C setup. These steps by the company might be pertaining for major improvements in the USB-C connectivity that will be most likely featured in the new Surface Pro that will become available this 2019.

Using this setup, the device will have more space allowing more room for maneuvering and installing additional internal components that can greatly improve the performance of the new Surface Pro  5 (6). We might also see a Surface Pro that doesn’t need any dongles in the future.

The setup above might also have an impact on the external of the device. If Microsoft doesn’t want to provide any new peripherals and other components under the hood of the new Surface Pro, we might get a thinner version or possibly, the thinnest in the line.

With the use of the signature Surface Pro Stylus in the past models, it is clear that Microsoft is working on improving the pen by enhancing the pen’s performance. One noteworthy detail is that the company is working on a patented haptic feedback technology that will greatly help the users of the Surface Pro stylus.

Users would also want to see improvements on the screen category. Slimmer bezel and higher resolution would be a better fit ideally. Although the current Surface Pro features a good screen resolution and a decent bezel, an improvement in this section would be a great deal, we might also see 4K, who knows?

At the end of the day, one thing is certain, the company, the Surface lineup and other Microsoft products will have huge improvements in the coming years. We’ll just have to wait and see the future unfolds.

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