New Year 2018 To Start With Two Full Supermoons

Purnima Gupta
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Be ready for a moony start to the New Year 2018! It’s going to be one great spec for star and moon gazers across the world.

Two full supermoons will grace stargazers in the first month of January 2018 itself. The first supermoon will appear on January 1 while the second one will arise on January 31st. On the 1st of January, the distance between the moon and earth will be 2,21,700 miles only! This supermoon is regarded as the wolf moon, according to Teen Vogue.

You must be wondering how super moons or the full moons can affect us. According to the belief, if you are looking for a great new year ahead, then days of the full moon are a good chance to kick start. Go for a social gathering, send out the application for your favorite career option or merely spend some time with yourself. On this day, do the things which you desire in the ushering year for you.

The second supermoons will be a blue moon, as per the astrologers. The blue moon has been associated with divine feminine energy and psychic influences. Blue moon is said to bring second chances in life. For those who are in need of one more opportunity, the blue moon on January 31st brings a very good chance to do so.

Moon’s Relation With Earth

Reportedly, the moon’s one side is bigger than the other facing towards earth. This difference in sides causes an optical illusion which makes the moon appear larger when it rises and sets over the horizon. People call this effect as the moon illusion.

Did You Know?

A blood moon is a full moon rising over the horizon during a lunar eclipse having a vibrant red color. If you have any other exciting fact related to the supermoons, do share in the comment section below.

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