Latest Patents Surface Revealing Microsoft Band To Feature Blood Pressure And Stress Tracking Feature

Harsh Soni
4:41 PM

Microsoft has been recently awarded two new patents particularly related to health and fitness tracking. The latest patents look like other versions of the Microsoft Band.

This patent is a continuation of a patent that was filed by Microsoft in the year 2014 and describes the use of an electrically conductive skin sensor, which could be used to measure stress levels and other health-related metrics. As per the patent, two skin sensors may be used to make sure that there’s always contact between the skins — as depending on the shape of a wrist. The patent also indicates that the skin sensors might be “made large and knobby,” so that contact is always ensured.

The second patent about Microsoft Surface Band was filed in the year February 2017 and relates to the ability to measure blood pressure, giving the user a general idea about their blood pressure as opposed to an accurate reading. It uses the pulse oximeter built into the Microsoft Band to measure radial pulse pressure or aortic pulse wave velocity that is said to correlate with actual blood pressure. That is then combined with data about user’s age, medical history, contextual data and harness AI to get the better accuracy of the reading.

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After launching the first Band in 2014, Microsoft decided to discontinue the Band 2 in 2016. Reports suggested it had no plans to launch a Band 3, despite photos and rumored features surfacing about the canceled fitness tracker.

However, this proof reveals Microsoft is not giving up on wearables devices entirely and may follow in the footsteps of Apple and Fitbit by targeting serious health tracking. The latest patents could suggest a number of possible devices that could be in development but the patent details and the attached diagrams specifically reference a Microsoft Band-like device.

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