Is A New Music Album By BTS Boys In The Offing? Let’s Find Out

Mohnish Singh
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If someone asks you which is the most popular boy band in the world at the moment, chances are high that K-Pop band BTS’ name will pop up in your head almost immediately. The group, led by some immensely talented young boys, seems to have cast its spell on each and everyone across the globe. All the team members of the group had a hugely successful 2018, and their slate for 2019 is also full of something or the other.

The boys had three musical releases in 2018 — Face Yourself, Love Yourself: Tear, and Love Yourself: Answer — and all of them did fabulously well amongst music lovers in the world. After listening to BTS’ songs on loop in 2018, fans are now wondering when they will be hearing new music by the group. Well, if you too are eager to know what the BTS boys are coming up with next, here is an exciting piece of news for you.

There is a new video of BTS boys RM, Jimin, and V on VLIVE, a popular South Korean live streaming service, which seems to be dropping several hints about the new album of the band. In the video, RM logs on VLIVE to give fans a tour of his studio and soon Jimin and V join him in. When RM asks Jimin how he has been, Jimin reveals that they have been working on their new album. RM then asks him if they were enjoying it, to which Jimin replies, “Very much. You’d be surprised if you listen to it. It’s something new.” Does that not mean the boys are almost ready with their new album?

Earlier, a report was doing the rounds on the internet claiming that their new music could make its way in the market as early as 2019. If that is true, the new album should be out anytime soon. “BTS is currently preparing for a new transformation. They are very busy with preparations for their new album, set for release in early 2019. After finishing up their Love Yourself series, BTS are in the midst of drawing up a new series concept. The framework of the next series has been set, and there are only intricate details remaining. They have also already completed recording some of their b-sides,” read the report.

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