New MacBook Pro And Mac Mini To Come With Recently Released Intel Core i9 Chips

Jasper Valdez
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Apple has long been a partner to Intel’s amazing chip lineups since years ago. That’s why with the recent unveiling of the Santa Clara based chip innovator’s 8th generation of notebook processors, many believe that Apple will be employing the said CPU technology on their forthcoming plan of a MacBook Pro and Mac Mini roster refresh. This, despite news of a potential boycott in the imminent future with Apple voicing an endeavor to self-sustain laptop products with their own chips, as reported by Bloomberg.

While nothing has been confirmed nor denied yet, 9to5Mac believes that Intel’s Core i9-8950HK is a likely candidate for the MacBook Pro 2018 and Mac Mini 2018 since traditionally Apple has always used Intel’s chips inside their notebooks. More importantly, the new chips are designed to accommodate the Cupertino-based tech giant’s thermal profile for the 2018 MacBooks, which in itself indicates an ongoing partnership.

In terms of performance, the new Core i9-8950HK chip is imbued with more powerful capabilities being a direct mobile translation of the high-end desktop processor. With a six-cores and twelve threads, the CPU has a whopping clock speed of 2.9GHZ. Meanwhile, the Turbo Boost function further amplifies the already impressive number up to 4.8GHz. In contrast to this, the Core i7 chips integrated into current MacBook models can only max out at 4.1GHz.

Intel shared that this new chip is primarily created to cater to games and content creators. They add that the CPU is now capable of performing media editing tasks in a resolution of 4K more fluidly and without any hitches while retaining discrete graphics, which they claim is a 59 percent improvement compared to the last generation.

Another facet that Intel worked on in this version is the limited 16GB RAM. In this new edition, Apple employed a much larger random access memory reservoir, which is 32GB.

With these enhancements, 9to5Mac suggests that Intel intends to market the product towards more high-end laptops who holds dual-graphic cards, which, of course, will include the new MacBook Pro. However, it still remains to be seen if Apple will choose to employ the new chip into its MacBook 2018 and Mac Mini.

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